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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Corrine May

I know she's good, but didn't know she's gone international...
Anyway in Japan, according to MDN and Tower Records (yup, still surviving over there), she's at top of the Asian Charts (for a 5-month period), better than Jolin Tsai in 8th position. That's for her Safe in a Crazy World album.
however i went to, but didn't find her in any of the best selling charts. ah well.
Congrats Corrine May, and well done.


セーフ・イン・ア・クレイジー・ワールド Corrinne May
Mish Maoul Natacha Atlas
Alchemist Diary Various Artists
私の運命線 Senti Toy
The 3rd Masterpiece: SG Wannabe Vol.3 SG Wannabe
Jolin J−Top Best Selection Jolin Tsai
Scandal Kangta&Vanness
24/7: SE7EN V3 SE7EN

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

to what means will you go to get taller??

from bryan's blog... damn funny...
go see the original blog here.

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Monday, September 25, 2006


Congrats to Yasu and Mika on the birth of their newborn!!
DOB 24/09/06
Soooo cuuuuute!!!!
Not named yet, but I recommended the best male name to Yasu - Winston.
but don't think he will name the son that though. ;p

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


just learned from my chinese colleague that in china, 豆花 is also known as 豆腐脑.....
its like eating brains of toufu... (altho toufu got no brains)

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On-Screen Keyboard not as safe as thought...

I'm personally using OCBC, who of cos recommends users to use the on-screen keyboards as they are supposedly more secure...
so quite interesting to see this article...
you have been warned.
from BoingBoing (where else)
Cory Doctorow: A new trojan that records screen-movies has been discovered in the wild; the malware specifically captures your mouse as you laboriously enter your password into banking sites that use on-screen keyboards to defeat keyloggers.

I've written about on-screen keyboards before -- I think that these things are bad news. They make banking sites un-accessible to people who are blind or have some physical disabilities, and while they defend against keyloggers, they also force you to have short, weak passwords. What's more, it's apparent that keyloggers can handily adapt to these screen-boards.

Today we will analyze a new banking trojan that is a qualitative step forward in the dangerousness of these specimens and a new turn of the screw in the techniques used to defeat virtual keyboards. The novelty of this trojan lies in its capacity to generate a video clip that stores all the activity onscreen while the user is authenticating to access his electronic bank.

The video clip covers only a small portion of the screen, using as reference the cursor, but it is large enough so that the attacker can watch the legitimate user's movements and typing when using the virtual keyboard, so that he gets the username and password without going into further trouble.

Link (Thanks, Peter!)

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So Cuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!1

From Kotaku -

The Mario Wedding Cake: " This Mario themed wedding cake doesn't look very edible, but when has a wedding cake ever been? At all of my previous weddings, I've usually been too drunk to even remember my new, pregnant child bride's name, let alone attempt to choke down some food without immediate forceful regurgitation. Edible, made of plastic or not, it's still pretty wonderful. Florian Eckhardt Mario Bros Cake [Flickr] (Thanks, Alice!) "

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Monday, September 18, 2006


i thot this kinda stories are fictional accounts, only found in 金田一 comics... gruesome...

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Friday, September 15, 2006

from bbc news...

Singapore branded 'authoritarian'

Mr Wolfowitz believes it is important to hear the views of
activistsWorld Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has described Singapore's
restrictions on activists for meetings of the Bank and IMF as

He said the decision to ban the entry of 27 accredited activists
violated a previous agreement with Singapore.

Other activists have been deported ahead of the next week's meetings,
which begin on 19 September.

Mr Wolfowitz's comments add further fuel to the row between the two
sides on how to deal with activists.

The bank and IMF argue the presence of pressure groups is key to
improving the work of financial institutions.

But Singapore says it has banned the group of 27 because all had taken
part in disruptive protests in other nations and posed a threat to law
and order.


Mr Wolfowitz said Singapore's move had harmed its image.

"Enormous damage has been done and a lot of that damage is done to
Singapore and self-inflicted," he told a meeting in Singapore.

"I would argue whether it has to be as authoritarian as it has been
and I would certainly argue that ... they would do much better for
themselves with a more visionary approach to the process," he said.

IMF Managing Director Rodrigo Rato echoed his comments.

"We have urged the Singapore authorities to reconsider their position
and I hope they will," he said.

"The people who have been accredited by us are people who work with us
regularly and we don't have any doubt about their capacity to behave
and to be respectful of the country's laws."

Mr Wolfowitz said he had raised the issue with Singaporean Prime
Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

'No Voice'

Singapore had banned public protests for the duration of the IMF and
World Bank meetings amid concerns they could lead to violence and
damage to property.

A small area has now been set aside for designated protests

Following the ban, pressure groups and non-governmental organisations
decided they would demonstrate on Batam Island instead - an Indonesian
island located close to Singapore.

Singapore has set aside an indoor area where activists can gather to
express their views, but it is only an eight metre by eight metre

Around two dozen activists held a protest in the area, wearing gags
saying "No Voice".

"These limits are ridiculous," Reuters news agency quoted Haidy
Ear-Dupuy of NGO Forum on Cambodia as saying. "Singapore is a
developed country; it needs a developed perspective on citizens
speaking up."

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


my fren, the same fren who got injured by her mortar board (after tossing and failing to catch it), got her face smacked by a lab equipment today.
well, she pulled it towards her, and didn't stop it with her hands when it was approaching her face...
at least her face stopped it...
sorry rye (sorRye) hehe.

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Goodbye once again.....

My flight has been scheduled on the following dates:
Singapore to Narita - 2 Oct
Narita to Singapore - 23 Dec
To all my frens who I have not had the pleasure of meeting up with since I am back from Japan, sorry, but looks like I can do so after these few months... ;p

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

good parrot!

forget about the Shuka Saptati, can i have the parrot instead?

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Monday, September 11, 2006

making fauns...

making of sudanese fauns? check this out...

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Quotes from the US Open

Quotes are lifted from bbc, some funny, and some just a bit xiao1 zhang1... heh.
"I watched it til the end. Fantastic. Loved it. I get nervous myself watching this stuff, like a fan. Get cold feet. I was in the bed, going under the blanket almost."
Roger Federer on Andre Agassi's five-set thriller on Thursday.
"I wouldn't mind playing five sets myself."
Federer longs for the days when he was taken the distance.
"Well I've beaten him too."
A confident Andy Murray after he was asked if this was the first Grand Slam he had come in to feeling the could beat everyone except Federer.
"When I lost the first set, I understood I had no more choice than winning the next two."
Justine Henin-Hardenne shows off her in-depth knowledge of the game.

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