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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

crap stories... (part 2)

i really wonder how he got so much time writing these crap in the office... ah well, not that i dun have lah.. haha...


Today something very surprising happened. However, it is hard to describe using one post. Hence, I will do it with a few post (Maybe 2).
After the fight with Ichiwaru, Winz decided that he needs to seek for potential people who can defeat him.

Winz: (Thinking) I will find someone with enough hidden potential and will attempt to teach him so that he might be able to defeat me.

Passerby A: Miyazaki did it again.

Passerby B: The guy is really good at what he do.

Passerby A: Of course, I would say that he is the number 1 in our village. And, maybe world number 1.

Merchant: Hahaha, the world is big. Although I agree that this Miyazaki guy is good, but, I do not think that he can be number 1 in the world. He is lack of experience and skill. He depends mainly on his physical strength.

Passerby B: So, you think you can win him?

Merchant: Er... no, I am no fighter like him.

Winz: Excuse me, but, may I know where is this Miyazaki? I would like to meet up with him.

Passerby A: Oh, just head straight down, when you hit the 3rd junction, turn left and his training ground is at the right side of the street. You will be able to spot it once you are there.

A few minutes later ....

Winz: Are the Miyazaki?

A person who is lifting some stones with an arm turned around.

Miyazaki: Yes I am.

Winz: I heard that you are good and would like you to give me some pointers if you can.

Miyazaki: Sure. But, you do not look like you are from this town.

The fight begins.....

Winz moved very slowly. He sees the potential within Miyazaki.

Winz: Turn your hand to the left at an angle of about 45 degrees. Yes, that is the way.

Miyazaki: You are good. Until so far, nobody has managed to fight with me for such a long time.

Winz: Pay attention. This will be a bit tough.

Winz rises his "chi" and gave a normal blow. Miyazaki can feel the difference in the attack and he attempt to dodge it, but he is too slow.
At this instant, Winz moved swiftly with another hand and creates a shield that shielded Miyazaki from his first blow.

Winz: Can you continue?

Miyazaki: That is amazing! Please would you teach me that?

Winz: No, I will not. But, I will show you a few more times. You need to figure out how to defend yourself against my blow.

Miyazaki: Alright. I will...

The fight continues for a very very long time....
Both Winz and Miyazaki are exhausted...
Meanwhile, at another corner of the village.

August: I am overwhelmed with power! Ah..... I cannot take it anymore, need to release the power within my body.

As it is near to the end of the month August, August felt that the power that have accumulated in his body is overflowing. This is the first time he has experience such enomorous energy flowing within his body ever since he landed on Earth... ...

August: I can feel some fight taking place in the south.

With several leaps, August reached the location of the training ground where Winz and Miyazaki are fighting.

Without much delay, August picked up a piece of crushed paper and with a flash, changed the rough paper into a bat-shape (as in table tennis bat) weapon.

August: I must fight the best among the best. You, get lost!

As August said this, he pointed his finger to Miyazaki.
Feeling insulted, Miyazaki headed straight with his weapon and ...

Miyazaki: Argh ...

A flash of yellow beam can be seen from the index finger of August. It is a direct hit. With such speed, there is no way Miyazaki can dodge it. Furthermore, Miyazaki is already exhausted with the fight previously.
Lying tired, but not dead yet, Miyazaki do not even have the energy to open his eyes to see what is about to happen....

(To be continued ... ...)

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crap stories... (part 1)

remember i once told u that there's a forum that we created for our own little discussions and talk cock sessions here in japan?

well recently there's this really crappy guy (most of the time the not-funny kind of crap) who joined the forum... (well on a sidenote, he has a virus named after him)...

so anyways, he began writing crappy stories, which i must admit, is so ridiculous that it tickles me at times... hehe... so will post it up here for u guys to read... if u all find it boliao, pls dun flame me *holds up anti-flame shield*, flame the original author instead... hehe

must disclaim first as well - i am no way as good as he said.. he is fond of saying the opposite of the truth lah.. in the stories, he depicted me as an invincible table tennis player, but in truth, i damn laoya one, and he's the one who's the best among all of us... also, any grammar or spelling errors are originally made by him.. hehe.. so long me dun bother vetting through ;p

here it goes...


In the gym 29th August 2005

Ichiwaru: I sense strong aura here!

Winz: This guy display a strong "qi" too.

Eyes met and without words, the two guys picked up their weapons (table tennis bat).

Time passed....

Ichiwaru: You are good. It have been quite a long time since someone can take more than 20 strokes from me.

Winz: You mean the match already begin? I am just starting to warm up.

Ichiwaru: What!!! You arrogant fool!

Ichiwaru uses 悪狼剣術(waruroukenjutsu). The ball spins with high speed in the anticlockwise direction.

Winz: (Thinking) A direct hit from this ball might be fatal. I need to slow down the ball first.

Winz uses "u Gu Jiu Jian" (独孤九剣), Stroke number 3. The ball just moved around his bat. Everyone was stunned. This stroke uses the pressure developed around the atmosphere to control the ball, hence the ball never touches the bat and suddenly, in a split seconds, with a swing, the ball hit the end of the opponent table. It was a nice move.

Ichiwaru: I have never failed to win using this stroke before. You are the first to be able to counter it.

Winz: Hahaha. That is because you have never meet people who uses taichi.

Ichiwaru face turned red. Winz still in his relaxed mode, prepared for another stroke.

Ichiwaru: Is it? I dun believe what you say.

The fighting scale of Ichiwaru rises up by another 3 times.

Ichiwaru: Try this then! Hey....ya.

Using the same technique, but with more strength the ball spinned violently.

Winz: (Thinking) The previous move will not work on this. The pressure created will not be able to smooth the ball. Looks like I need to use some "neili" 内力.

Taking a deep breath, "ai Yun Zhang"(排云掌) is used to "catch" the ball. No matter how fast the speed of the ball is, it seemed that the ball stopped in the mid-air. No, it did not stop. A closer look at it, show that the ball just slowed down, or if you look at it in another way, you can say that time of the region where the ball exists seemed to have slowed down. Effortlessly, the ball was returned to the opponent.
Stunned by the effect, nobody realised when the ball hit the opponent side. And, another score for winz. Note that the ball is completely "destoryed" after hitting the opponent table. Only dust can be seen in the empty air.

Winz: Enough of your childplay. Now is my turn. With a new ball, the final blow that dealt out from winz is "Sui liu Shi" (水流勢). At the instant this move is used, sound of fluid seemed to be heard. Splitted images of the ball seemed to occured. The ball splitted into 5 pieces ....

Ichiwaru: ... Which is the real one?

Without much thought, Ichiwaru uses "kagebunshin" 影分身 in an attempt to hit all the ball, but, all the balls seemed to be imaginary.

Winz: Hahaha. Look at the net.

The ball was spinning directly on the top of the net. Winz blew lightly towards the direction of the net and, in goes the ball.

Ichiwaru: I have to admit defeat!

Winz: It is always lonely to be number 1. How I wish someone can defeat me oneday. Though you look promising, but, you do not have the potential to win me.

Ichiwaru: It is sad to admit, but, what you say is true. No matter how hard I train, there is no way I can defeat you. I admit that you are the champion among the champions.

With a sad expression in his face and a lonely smile, winz walked away from the scene. His head was shaking as he moved...

Winz: (Thinking) There is no way I can improve myself now that no one can ever defeat me. Sigh......

Well, that is the most impressive match I have seen so far. This is what you can expect from the king of table tennis -- winz.

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happy birthday, malaysia..

hmm... it seems quite weird doing so, since i missed out wishing singapore on her birthday.. haha.. and now wishing her closest rival neighbour happy birthday instead... ;p

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my disney alter ego...

You scored as Sleeping Beauty. Your alter ego is Princess Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty! You are beautiful and enchanting, and as sweet as ever.

Sleeping Beauty


The Beast




Peter Pan




Donald Duck




Snow White


Cruella De Ville




Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
created with

beats me how it led to this... but hey, if they say i am beautiful and enchanting, and as sweet as ever, then it must be right!!

err.. right...? ;p

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ok.. i am a werewolf

You scored as Remus Lupin. You are a wise and caring wizard and a good, loyal friend to boot. However sometimes in an effort to be liked by others you can let things slide by, which ordinarily you would protest about.

Remus Lupin


Sirius Black


Severus Snape


Ginny Weasley


Ron Weasley


Harry Potter


Hermione Granger


Albus Dumbledore


Lord Voldemort


Draco Malfoy


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with

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which mental disorder do i have?

You scored as Unipolar Depression. Congraulations! You are depressed! You know just how it feels to bear all the world's burdens, and the value of a 19-hour night's sleep. And you really hate that circle-guy thing on your Zoloft pill packets.

Unipolar Depression


Antisocial Personality Disorder


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Borderline Personality Disorder




Eating Disorders


Which mental disorder do you have?
created with

hmm... although the test is kinda duh, but it is interesting to see that i scored a 0 for eating disorders hahaha... no wonder i so fat.. muahahhahaha

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what kind of job am i meant to be?

You scored as Lawyer. YOUR A LAYWER!











What kinda job r u meant to be..?
created with

hmm... although scored the same pts for engineer, lawyer, and architect, think now if i were to choose again, probably prefer to be a lawyer...

ah well..

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a quick look at the statistics gathered by my mini poll shows that to improve my blog, i need to put up more pics of more babes and hunks... hmmmm... not enough pic of hunks meh?? see previous few posts... *fafa*

yesterday, a fren of mine commented that i lost the drive to blog liao, the recent blog entries all seemed a tad contrived and all... is that what's needed to be improve about this blog?? to get some drive and breathe life into my writings?

hmm... it is true that my blog is boring.. and it is true that there's nothing much to it besides my travel logs and stuff... ok, not much "and stuff" over here either... but i remind myself, "what was the purpose of my blog in the first place?" yeah, i started it primarily not to put funny or interesting stuff on it, or random, senseless rants... it was to keep my frens and family updated on how my life is in japan, is it not? true, making the blog interesting and all will definitely be a plus pt as well, but well as long as i satisfy my primary concern, i am pretty satisfied with my own blog...

there were of course times when i wished that i have as much readers (or blogders, as coined by a certain someone) as kenny or wendy, i could probably talk more crap about everything and anything, post more jokingly shameless pics of myself, etc. etc. on my blog, to entertain the mass, and to boost viewership (not that by doing so, i will be guaranteed to be as successful as any of them)... but hey... this is not what this blog is primarily about...

hmm... but once i go back to singapore, perhaps things may change, yeah? cos the primary aim of this blog will be changed for sure... well, just look at kenny's blog before and after he left sydney back for kuching... on the other hand, i may stop blogging altogether... hmm...

ok lah, of cos while satisfying my primary goal, i can also try to entertain my family and frens by spicing up what i post as well... will try for you guys and gals!!!

miss ya all!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

interview with tojo...

hmm... came across this article where yuko tojo was interviewed... she is the grand-daughter of general hideki tojo, the guy who led japan to war in WWII...

interesting... read her side of the story here...

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hokkaido part 4 - biei, otaru and back to hakodate... 7/29-31

we left furano for biei next... a small town in hokkaido famous for err... what again? i dunno... supposed to be some nice trees (but in the end look kinda normal to me)... anyway see the pictures and see how lah...

there were some famous trees, as i have mentioned, going by names like "ken & mary tree", "tree of the 7 stars", "parent-child tree" etc. well, first, we went for the ken & mary... and this was what it looked like...

nice? extraordinary? you decide...

by the omiyage shop, i saw a vintage skyline, and promptly took a picture with it ;p

vintage skyline... dunno whether it still runs or not, but sure looks cool!

on our drive to other trees, we ran into sunflower fields... absolutely had to be the highlight of biei for me!!

literally ran into sunflower fields... haha (from left: james, yuhui, tshush, ivan, me)

nice hor?? so nice being surrounded by all the sunflowers!!

anyway, everyone were like walking among the crops and taking pictures... so excited over it.. hehe... not that i wasnt lah.. ;p

afterwhich, we headed for the parent-child tree, which looked like this...

nono... me not in jurong... these are famous trees ok?? though they look like any one of those in jurong, or anywhere for that matter... ;p

how come they are famous? beats me man... anyway went to 1 or 2 other trees, but shant put it up, since they were equally boring.. heh... to think we spent 1 whole day doing this...

and ya, we were quite suay, cos it was like drizzling for the whole day... so our planned hike somewhere also went up in smoke... what to do? nothing much, we went to an ofuro, had dinner, and just stayed in our cabin playing cards and all... hehe..

how our 4-men cabin looked like...

the interior of the cabin... nothing like those singapore chalet-type cabins... haha... (top: siownan, damien, me, and the earphoneless fangyi)

so anything interesting in biei? less the sunflowers, i dun think so... but u decide lah... i have to disclaim though, i appreciate the efforts of individuals put in to plan the trip... not blaming them or anything, cos if i were to plan, i would probably do the same and come here... so not their fault, but well just japan lah...

we woke up early to drive to otaru, a small town famous for its glass factory and errr.. small port... it was pretty nice lah... (anything is compared to biei), but strangely, i didnt upload any of the photos taken there... here's the photos that i've uploaded.. ;p

cant remember what this is called, but it is a famous local product... something like muahchee on sticks...

we ate at a sushi place a fren's japanese fren recommended...

my jap teacher also said should eat sushi over at hokkaido because they are fresh... but to tell u the truth, i think there are lots of better ones in tokyo, and less expensive... anyway... maybe off-day for the sushis?

me, damien, jasmine, fiona, siownan, james...

we only spent like 2 hours in otaru, cos we had to rush back to hakodate to return the cars by 7pm... and the drive down was scheduled to take about 6 hours... and upon reaching the hakodate airport, to our horror of horrors, we found out that the airport was closed at nights... so we cant stay over at the airport to catch our plane early next morning... and the best (worst) part was that the security forbade us staying over outside the airport as well!!!

we didnt have planned accommodation, and neither did we want one at that time... thank goodness 2 guys from the mazda car rental came and help us out, and offered to find accommodation for us and drive us there... but we decided to just stay over near a 24-hour combini nearby, so they sent us there instead... how nice of them... they hung ard for awhile making sure that we were settled before they left... so paiseh, owe them a bunch... dun think they will ever read this, but thanks a bunch! especially paiseh cos one guy when he left us, he bumped the rental car into a fire hydrant... oops... hope he did not have to pay much for the damage...

rather than staying out in the rain at the carpark unauthorised, i decided to ask the combini staff if its alrite for us to stay just outside... they didnt think it would be nice, but they suggested a nearby park with shades and toilets, where we could do so... one of them, a 15 year-old-lad, even brought me there to take a look (the walk there was like 15 mins) so nice, the hokkaidoians (less the airport security)...

sunrise viewed from the park...

this was how we looked like after a tiring night of half-sleep...

i didnt sleep more than 20 mins for the whole nite, as i was battling the mosquitoes hard..

siownan still sleeping under the stars at daylight...

we were thankful when it was finally time for us to depart for the airport... it was a 30 minute walk to the airport from the park...

damien, james, august, me, earphoneless fangyi, tshush... at the hakodate airport finally...

tshush and me at the boarding gate...

our flight back...

finally the trip was coming to an end... a bit relieved that the night was over, and of course going back to our dorms for nice comfy sleep as well...

hokkaido was nice at some parts, but some parts can give a miss... i wouldnt mind going there again, maybe sapporo and other places... i like the fact that there werent as much ppl, and it wasnt as congested as in tokyo... so thats pretty nice...

that's all for hokkaido folks...

next trip i am probably going to cover will be izu/nagoya/expo bah... stay tuned...


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hokkaido part 3 - furano... 7/28

we left sapporo for furano early next morning... along the way, we stopped by for a toilet break, and there coincidentally, was a nice little waterfall...

三段滝 (sandantaki i think)

the guy above was just some random guy... too lazy to wait for him to get out of the picture lah... that's why... anyway here are a couple of the pictures of the natural waterfall...

me with fangyi (who perpetually had his earphones with him throughout the trip... trying to look like shaman king? ;p)

our targetted destination was actually farm Tomita, a rather famous ones for belts of different colours of flowers planted around the farm... (especially famous for its lavendar).. but when we were nearing, we can't help but stop by and take some photos when we saw this ski-slope-turned-flower-bed...

me and tshush...

the long road up the ski slope (there's gondola on the other side of the slope, but to use, have to pay... so...)

many nice different flowers were on display there...

dunno what name, but the yellow and orange sure made them look real nice!!

poppy plant?? they have opium?? hmm....

yellow things are always nice... and of cos yellow flowers are included... nice hor? like a windows default wallpaper liddat...

of course, how can we forget the highlight - lavendar?

me amongst lavendar...

fiona and me ;)

the view from the ski slope... forebodding weather? turned out real fine in the end.. we were lucky... hehe

after spending like close to 2 hours on such a small patch of flowers, i was pretty apprehensive over how long we would be spending in tomita... the sight that greeted us after we got out of our car was this...

the sign says "tomita melon house".. hmm... didnt know they were famous for planting melons too...

what's a farm visit if a man doesnt get to play with some tools rite? well here's me with a tractor (display only lah.. haha)

well here are some photos of the lavendar fields...

as i have mentioned, farm tomita is famous for lavendar... and of course the products they make from it... they do make things like potpourris, perfumes, soaps and other shower products, err ice-cream (counted or not?), air fresheners, etc. etc. and there at farm tomita, we could see some of the processes...

lavendar picked and dried hung upside down...

machine and ppl bundling them up to form potpourris...

in another room, here's one person err injecting essence of lavendars into little bottles... for the scent perhaps? dunno...

and in the same room, 2 other persons are making lavendar soaps...

the person of the left, she's using the machine to press the soap into shape, while the right gal was wrapping up the ready soaps 1 by 1...

well, here's how the soap looks like at different stages of the process... if you are interested like i was... hehe

can see the shop slowly taking shape... ;)

here's a bit of the view from a porch high up the fields...

not too bad hor?

i was pretty elated to find sunflowers growing there as well... well sunflowers are my favorite u see, because, you guessed it, they are yellow! hehe... so bright and cheery and all.. heehee

so big... and they were almost as tall as me!

realised now that i hadnt uploaded a lot of the famous belts-of-flowers photos... but anyway, here's one...

nice hor? incidentally if you noticed, this is the photo were i got my blog header picture from... hehe...

anyway we spent quite a lot of time in the farm as expected... too many flowers for the gals to take photos with liao... when we finally could leave, we went to the cheese factory as well as the wine factory (and its vineyard)...

cheese factory... nothing spectacular, so no other photos...

chateau furano... where they make wines... rather mild ones at that... with fangyi (note his earphones again)

at the basement cellar... can sleep there... cos very nice and cool.. hehe...

some berries for wine making from the vineyard...

as it was turning dark, we went to check into our farmstay accommodation... and we had ample room for all of us...

stand-by bunk! haha...

how the interior of a bunk looks like... not bad lah... (again notice the earphones)

we went out to take some photos before the sun had set...

sunsetting at a distance...

did something unusual... posed for a photo with jasmine while doing weird faces... me usually dun do such uncool stuff one lah... ;p

a black-and-white photo of the farm... makes it look like macham world war 3 aftermath hor? haha

our buffet was farm style, which involved us actually bbqing our meat and veggie...

a family having dinner right before us...

the dinner was so-so, the stay was so-so, but didnt think the whole farmstay affair was worthed the 7k that i paid for it (that included milking cows, and feeding hay to horses the next morning)... well.. other ppl happy can liao lah...

we decided to go for star-gazing on that very night, as we could see lots of stars, and it was a pretty sight... but by the time all of us bathed, clouds covered the whole sky, and we coulded see anything much... so sad... no luck lah...

and that's how furano went...

next up, biei (pronounced as bee-ay) and i think can wrap up hokkaido liao... hehe...

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