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Thursday, April 28, 2005

hi ya'll

first of all, i must apologise to those of my frens who visit this blog, and found that it wasn't updated for the past week (6 days since i last posted)... Sorry!

since my parents came, i've been pretty busy on and off work... and it has been 11 days since they left liao, but still haven posted any concrete and exciting stuff... hmmm... time to change that soon...

but not so soon either...

work is more hectic now - there are more assignments and reports to do, so can't slack like how i did last time... and even if i do have 10 mins or half an hour to spare to write, i just can't write anything with all those things swimming in my mind... and after i get back home, also just wanna relax... sigh... think that's what ppl mean by working life sucks.

will now update you guys what winz had been up to for the past couple of weeks. on 17th my parents left, and the following week was kinda crazy, when i resumed my routine of having jap classes every day and band prac on fri...

on the 23rd, i went to the races... yes i do mean horse races... well, dun be unduly worried - i am not a gambler, and neither do i feel any urge to be one. just for the experience bah... i have this motto that i should try everything at least once (lawful ones, that is)... so yup, i went. my great jap pal yasu invited me actually, and i brought calvin along too... will talk about this 'exciting' experience in another separate post... will remember to do so soon =)

after the races, yasu, mika (his wife), calvin and i went for another tokyo kosei concert... and it was really cool... except for the euphonium concerto which i find no sense in the music at all... ahh... jap composer... no wonder =p (joke joke)... but seriously, jap composed music somehow tend to be more abstract and gives the listener (ie. me) a feeling of a chunk of mess with a tiny spot of peace in the centre... hmm... well i think they like it this way? so as i was saying... it was a terribly good performance... virtuoso siah... and to add, my name is in their programme booklet* =) cool or what? ha...

sunday 24th, i went to play tennis with my band mates, and this time i brought calvin along too... and was trashed by him and everyone else... the worst player of the day i think is me... sigh... but ok lah... dun really play tennis to begin with anyway... the good thing about being the worst is that i can only improve! hehe... try harder next time lor...

this brings me to mind, heard this great phrase from a fren: the usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness... think about it for a moment... =)

anyway i will be leaving for kyoto tonite for my golden week break, and i guess the next time i will blog will be on 9th May... so dun bother checking this site for updates until then...

till then, my friends... and have fun!

ta-ta for now!

*they list all their members' names in the program booklet, acknowledgement bah... and my name really stands out, since it is the only english name among all the kanji names hehe...

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Friday, April 22, 2005

no money to buy ferrari? no worries...

before: honda nsx

after: ferrari f50

cool! view the transformation here.

spotted by damien =)

today kinda busy, so blog next week ya? ;)

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


there's something about this picture that is just so alluring...

maybe it's just the PSP ;p

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first nite free

in quite awhile...

anyone wants to date me tonite? ;p

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

yasukuni shrine

for those of us in singapore wondering what the hell the big hooha on yasukuni shrine is about.. well here is its website...

"War is truly sorrowful. Yet to maintain the independence and peace of the nation and for the prosperity of all of Asia, Japan was forced into conflict. The precious lives that were lost in these incidents and wars are worshiped as the Kami (Deities) of Yasukuni Jinja."

"There were also 1,068 "Martyrs of Showa" who were cruelly and unjustly tried as war criminals by a sham-like tribunal of the Allied forces (United States, England, the Netherlands, China and others). These martyrs are also the Kami of Yasukuni Jinja."

draw your own conclusions...

btw, came across this website (strangely from ntu) on the nanking massacre. take a look if you are interested...

sino-japan relation-related topics are still hogging the news over here, with the occasional crap justice such as a 19 year old guy fatally abusing his gf's child, and only got 5 years sentence.

another jap who had pleaded guilty for murder, had to plead the judge to pass the death sentence on him... wah... such a hard thing to achieve...

land of the rising sun, my frens...

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

tough question..

last nite i was on icq conversing with one of my good friends... she said she religiously read my blog to see how i am getting on in japan, for which i am very touched and grateful... however she said that she still dunno how i feel or how i really am from my posts... and asked me why i never showed my feelings in my blogs...

well... i guess although not all guys are like that, i am one of those who dun find it easy baring my soul... prefer to keep everything to myself and implode... which she says is not a good thing... we all need friends to talk about our problems with and to share one another's burdens and worries... or do we?

was pretty touched by her concerns, so i decided to give her a concession last nite... haha... gave her a free question to ask me, to which i will answer truthfully...

after pondering awhile, she came up with this question:
"were you happy/unhappy for the past few years, and why?"

questions like this make me wanna retract my concession...

however am i going to answer this question?

if you are reading this, hehe... can retract or not? or ask another easier question lar..

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Monday, April 18, 2005

bad bad news...

singapore gives green light to not 1, but 2 casino projects...

this is real bad... many will definitely be adversely affected by this...

sigh... why can't they just have resorts sans the casinos? i think that's good enuff... haiz...

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email me

btw, if any of you guys need to reach me urgently via email during office hours, can mail to

otherwise, just mail to my gmail account (my primary email acc)...

will be using my pacnet webmail from now to send/receive emails during office hours... sigh...

from 2GB to 20MB... :(

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home sweet home...

not me, my parents..

they left for home last nite... sigh... the feeling of solitude hit me again... just like when my sis left... また寂しくなった...

been going ard tokyo (and hakone on sat) with my parents over the past week... enjoyed most of the time (except the times when they are doing their usual inevitable bickering)... only regret was couldn't keep them company during day time in the weekdays...

mum was wanting to go home since last sunday (ie. her 2nd day here) becos things are not cheap here, and everything is just so foreign (and the food here sucked for my parents too, still chinese food better)... by the end of the week, i dunno if their feelings about japan has changed or not, but hoped they enjoyed their trip here, in one way or another (at least for me, they should!)...

asked mum yesterday before they flew off, when will she want to come again... her reply? "eeyer, 不要再来了... tolong" so i guess, not very optimistic of seeing them again for the remaining year... sigh... will miss them... miss them already actually...

thanks for everything, dad and mum!

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anywayz... guess what? following the block of, now my company IT has blocked access to gmail as well... yes, so now i can't read my emails at work anymore... the darnest thing....


anyone got solutions? besides the pop access lah

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added YaGoohoo!gle to the sidebar... pretty cool... try it! the search results will be shown on a split screen...

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Friday, April 15, 2005


well as i have mentioned, posting new blogs is no problem due to the different domain names (the unblocked as opposed to the blocked

also found some other ways to read blogs here... 1 way is to use a webpage translator such as those provided by excite or babelfish (as taught by ivan), and the other way is to use a rss feeder such as

i have chosen the later and have happily added 35 blog feeds to my list... hehe... so it will be macham like newspaper like that... got updates then will show... so save me trouble checking individual blogs for updates too... so that's good i guess.

1 bad thing is that the pictures posted to blogger cannot be loaded using either of the above ways...

better than nothing i guess...

so at least now i can read and write blogs just like before hehe...

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adult website...

today is blocked by my company SA... they categorise blogspot under "adult website"... sigh... in what way is my blog "adult"!!??! and just 2 days ago, my friends and i were musing when we caught a japanese colleague visiting a real adult website in office hours...

thankfully i still can post blogs because the blogspot dashboard is actually instead... so at least better than nothing.... but can't read and edit templates, comments and so on in office liao... sigh...

why o why did this happen? there goes hours of entertainment everyday!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

FemDefence - protection against rape

enuff said...

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another example as to why i think wikipedia is the best...

look, they even have a page dedicated to Singlish!! a very detailed one at that! *ahem* i speak acrolectal singaporean english, mind you...

and from here, i learnt that SR Nathan's full name is Sellapan Ramanathan, Singapore's land area is 697.1 km², Armenian Church of Gregory the Illuminator, built in 1836, is the oldest church in Singapore... ok... blame me for my poor knowledge of Singapore in the first place, but yeah... you can find lots of info here on Singapore too!


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gundam anyone?

life-sized gundam sighted... dunno where though... thanks ivan.


* it says:
Height: 7 meters approx.
Width: 3.5 meters approx.
Weight: 2 tonnes (no joke)
Action: electric powered hydraulic actions (or so i presume, correct me if i am wrong, didnt check the dic)
Material: FRP (some kind of metal-reinforced plastic)

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more on words... ;) hope you guys dun get bored with me...

we all know what acrophobia, arachnophobia and xenophobia... and we know there are probably hundred and one of such words with the suffix -phobia

well here are some interesting ones:
  • Aibohphobia - Fear of palindromes (notice it is a palindrome by itself)
  • Atychiphobia, Kakorrhaphiophobia - Fear of failure (you better dun fail in remembering this word correctly if you are this!)
  • Caligynephobia, Venustraphobia - Fear of beautiful women (hmm is that why my heart pounds everytime i see a beautiful woman? ;p)
  • Ergophobia - Fear of work (that's me)
  • Fearaphobia - Fear of the word fear (can't say "i fear the word fear" if you are this, can you? ha)
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, Sesquipedalophobia - Fear of long words (well not very convenient for them is it? imagine if they have to declare this to a doctor or something... they will be freaked out trying to say the word)

to sum it up,

  • Panophobia, Pantophobia - Fear of everything.
while many are often guess-able just by looking at the word, some you will never have got them correct.

here are some which you would never have guessed what they mean:
  • Dinophobia
  • Eurotophobia
  • Gymnophobia
  • Herpetophobia
  • Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
  • Hippophobia
  • Leukophobia
  • Pagophobia
  • Papaphobia
  • Plutophobia
  • Rhinophobia
  • Virginitiphobia
i leave you with these, let you guess for awhile... if you wanna know what these mean, i have given the answers in the comments to this post. so click on the comments to view the answers, and while you are there, do leave a comment as well.. hehe...

alternatively, you can look here to see multitudes of phobias. of course the equal opposite of -phobia is -philia, and there's a whole list of them too, can see them here.

yeah yeah.... call me anything you want... but this is interesting... =) to me at least...

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hmmm ever wondered what is the longest word in the world? i did off-hand, but never looked up on it... thanks to calvin, now i know, and now you know too =)

of course we are not counting the medical or biological terms. if we do, we can face potentially crazy words here... the term Methionylthreonylthreonyl...isoleucine, the longest-known coding sequence, contains 189,819 letters (click on the word to see the actual word). haha...

so only considering normal english words in their root form (ie. no prefices and suffices), the longest word recorded in the Guiness Book of Records is floccinaucinihilipilification (29 letters), which defines the act of estimating as worthless. next time your maths tutor or econs tutor asks you to estimate, remember to tell him this... haha

and the longest word containing 1 and 1 vowel only is strengths. hmm.. who would have thought?

the longest officially recognized place name in an English-speaking country is Taumatawhakatang­ihangakoauauot­amateaturipukaka­pikimaunga­horonuku­pokaiwhenuak­itanatahu (85 letters) which is a hill in New Zealand.

and who remembers this 71-letter Two­all­beef­patties­special­sauce­lettuce­cheese­pickles­onions­on­a­sesame­seed­bun McD chant besides me? haha remembered my sister reciting this chant to get some free burgers in the promotion when we were young..

all these and more can be found here, the best encyclopedia in the web IMO.

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周華健 - 好歌回顧

first of all, thanks to fangyi for providing this link on his blog.

i must say although i am not a huge fan of 周華健, i kinda like him... for his songs that reminds me of my youth... i guess when i think of my jc days, his songs will automatically be played in the background. and when i hear his songs, i remember the whole bunch of us in jc singing along to his songs... ppl like chee chong and ivan and me of course... sigh... i guess my frens and i will agree that 周華健 is pretty synonymous with our jc lives...

ahh... the good old days...

go listen to it guys.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

all about roaches...

was msn-ing with jaclyn earlier in the morning, talking about lizards and cockroaches, which spurred me to do a little research on these infernal pests...

so here i present some facts about cockroaches that you may or may not know :)

1. roaches have 2 brains (so do many other insects btw) - 1 in front, the other behind (abs area to be exact). the behind one controls the roach's escape reflex. the hairs on the hind ends actually feels for moving air to alert if a predator is nearby. if yes, the back brain will trigger the legs to carry it swiftly away. the front brain is thinking of sex mostly btw, ;p

2. roaches prefer 25-30 degrees celcius. so if you want your room rid of them, a good bet is to keep your room below 25 degrees, and they will probably move out of your room to your kitchen or something... hehe

3. largest known cockroach is 6 inches long. somewhere in america... i think... ;p

4. a cockroach can live for 30 days with its head cut off. this is because it doesn't need the head to breathe (it uses its body); it doesn't have blood pressure, so it won't die of excessive loss of blood; 1 day meal can last it maybe 30 days. so basically, it will only stand around for these 30 days doing nothing until it dies, or in the meantime if they get infected with mold or bacteria, they will die sooner.

5. lobsters are termed roaches of the sea, because, like their land counterparts, they eat anything and everything organic... sort of like cleaning up the sea bed...

6. roaches tend to be active only for 4 hour stretches in late late nite. the reason why you see cockroaches active other than that 4 hour-period is due to over-population - meaning they have to come out earlier to get food, as the period is not enough for all cockroaches to get food altogether... (now you know how over-populated singapore is with regards to cockroaches! eww..)

view the source for more details on your frenly neighbour!

btw, haven't seen any cockroaches in japan yet.. hehe... good good...

p/s: i prefer to think of this 'research' as gaining some GK rather than chiak zhua-ing

ok it's gross and i am boliao by posting this on my blog. guess what? you are right on both accounts :)

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melons for 5000 yen?

those who have been here in japan should have noticed before that melons (honeydew types, not the kabukicho types ;p) cost around 5000 yen (78 SGD) each. and the size is just b-cup.. errr... i mean ard twice that of oranges you see in singapore.

yup, as i was saying, we all have been at that stage where we cringe when we see such price tags here in japan.

but how about this - 2 ordinarily-sized mangos for 15000 yen (235 SGD)!! ambrosia meh?


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whale sashimi.. yum yum...

came to office today, and did my daily routine of reading the news first... read this article about japan expanding her whale hunt and stuff... then there's this part in the article which i find is so funny.. haha...

"Japan, where whale meat is regarded as a delicacy, abandoned commercial whaling in 1986 in line with an international ban, but began a program to hunt whales in what it calls scientific research whaling the following year. The meat ends up on store shelves and on the tables of gourmet restaurants."

so much for scientific research ;p

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

fecal coliforms... yuchkktthk!

ok i know so this is an old news.... but hey, came across again, so thot i may drive home this pt again...

Remember all the hoo has regarding the reuse of plastic bottles or PET bottles and such for water bottles? well after the initial hoo has regarding that, i (erroneously) concluded that, ok, better just reuse the bottles for a few more times at most to be on the safe side.

well after reading this article, i was pretty convinced* that reusing a plastic bottle once is also too much to ask for... so better not to reuse at all... if want water bottle, get a decent one!

after reading the part on fecal coliforms, was pretty grossed out... imagine drinking your clean water through a bottle mouth smeared with shit... eeekk.. gross.. ;p

let this image (and taste) stay with you for awhile....

dun use empty coke bottles for plain water, buy new coke to drink instead! ;p

* convinced is one thing, but actually doing it is another thing altogether... ;p still reuse bottles in office... haha

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I am now a proud owner of....


should be happy (and I am), but kinda still hurts after splurging 30k yen on it (plus a game)...


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Monday, April 11, 2005

pretty busy week... capped off with a weird dream last nite

was a pretty hectic weekend for me... next week again... whole of this week too actually. brought my parents ard, sat to asakusa, sun to harajuku and ginza... hmm at least unlike young ppl they can actually spend a lot of time at one place, so it's not too hard to conjure up places to bring them to.

brought them to harajuku yest knowing my mum has a penchant for weird stuff.. haha... yeah, so she took quite a few shots with those harajuku ghouls... hehe.. even i also paiseh to take photos with them... :p

tonite, where to? hmm... still thinking...

last nite, i had a super bizarre dream... i dreamt that a bunch of ppl came to japan to visit me... the thing is they came in a car. driving the car is Mr Cho (my ex's father) with his wife in the front passenger seat. at the back, got 3 ppl, 1 is ziting (my pri-sch classmate), another is fiona (jc classmate), the 3rd is pauline (my sec-jc1 crush). weird band huh?

so anyway as the dream goes, they came in the car, all say hi, and dropped off pauline... then they left. following which pauline and i had some personal time catching up with one another. (note: this is a PG dream! nothing NC-16, or R-rated, I swear!!!!)

after some time, the rest came back and picked up pauline and left. then i was slowly brought back to reality with a gentle rocking sensation - earthquake! ... yeah. 6.1 magnitude (max is 7) jap scale (not richter) as if i am sleeping in a ship with turbulent waves. but not to worry, nothing is tossed ard, no one is injured.

back to my dream. i must say again, it is purely PG. some ppl say we tend to dream of things or ppl whom we think of during the day. but seriously, will i ever think of my ex's parents???!?!? and when was the last time i thought about pauline? (nope not yesterday, not in recent months either) must be like years ago...

and suddenly they all appear in my dream, with pauline being the 女主角...

how weird is that??!!?!?!?!

i know my good fren amy will have lots to say when she reads this... maybe fiona and ziting too... and of course beatrice as well...


any Daniels around?

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Friday, April 08, 2005

cool desktop clock...

found this at someone's blog...

the pic above shows 2:56 o'clock. cool rite? they have different images for each different minute... from the website, blu go to the download page here to download.. did it myself liao... very cool... haha

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parents coming!

tomorrow... can't wait!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

tokyo blue note

guys, eat your heart out! i saw jane monheit live last nite! muahahahaha... photos to follow...

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football follies

more interesting stories from haha this time regarding soccer... about 1 team needing to win by 2 goals to progress, and in the event that the score is tied, whoever scores first in ET wins the game. so after the team found themselves only 2-1 (rem they need 2 clear goals to win), they scored an own goal so that it will take the game into extratime... the opposition, realising what they are up to, tried to score an own goal themselves... so for the last few minutes you see the former defending their own goal as well as their opposition's goal! how dumb! haha... anyway they won at the end... click here for the full writeup... ;)

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deja vu

remember this photo taken during tokyo anime fair?

me and 2 gals

was reading through my past post and came across this picture taken during the eda fair in january...

"so that's where i first saw her!"

mentioned to calvin before that i remembered her from somewhere, prob from eda fair... and i was right afterall... ;)

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games galore

my shipment of *ahem* cheap *cough* ps2 games arrived yesterday... woo wee! haha 3 discs for 25.50 SGD (package, posting included)... yay! more late nites!!

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when i was little...

"Hi Winston,
Now you recollect my memory....yes I remembered are so cute to hold and good boy to cuddle and to love. I remembered you play UNO very well too and open up the card with your little fingers so well when you were 4."

those were the words from a distant cousin of mine who i have not heard from since maybe primary school (after she got married and emigrated to Canada). she's finally going back visiting her family in Klang (near KL) and will stop by Singapore to visit my family. too bad i won't be back to see her... she was one of my favorite cousin!

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

great website... urban legends of coca cola

came across a great website to rot away my time... =) on popular urban legends..

here, they have a section dedicated to cokelores, listed out which are true stories, and which are true lies.. eg. the early coke, does it contain cocaine? True. tooth left in coke overnite will dissolve? False. is coke a spermicide? False. Coke was originally green? False. best of all, got facts to substantiate to convince you doubters... hehe...

also interesting as to why Coke is always brown...
"Brown also hides impurities in any given batch, something the backroom chemist who invented Coca-Cola in 1886 kept well in mind as he proceeded with his formulation. These days syrup producers and bottlers have no impurities to hide, but back in the "three copper kettles in somebody's basement" days, covering up what might have inadvertently dropped into the mix was a concern, and brown hid indiscretions remarkably well."

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Monday, April 04, 2005

new stuffs yet again..

hi people,

added some new stuffs to my blog yet again... namely a guest book and a mini poll...

pls do go sign my guestbook now! it's empty now, so do be the first! thanks! added one so at least i know who visits my blog, and where i can find your blog too!

also the mini poll, i just added for fun... hehe... do vote for fun too... this time i added a poll to see if you guys liked the movie sideways... cos some frens of mine watched it on their laptop and says it is lousy... let's see whether u guys think so too, or if you loved it like me... hehe..

yup... have fun!

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tokyo anime fair 2005

so after the tsukiji market, we set off for odaiba for the tokyo anime fair, taking the monorail from nihonbashi. the monorail crosses the tokyo bay via the rainbow bridge, hence that was quite a pretty sight.

we reached there at ard 10? and the sight (pun intended) that greeted us was this:

Tokyo Big Sight

yeah, the name of the exhibition place was called Tokyo Big Sight. dun ask me what the saw is for, it was simply OOP to me... it is a permanent rather than a promotional fixture there actually btw. notice the long line of bikes below? that's because the tokyo motorcycle show is at the same venue as well! but i gave it a miss... i'm more into cars than bikes.

as for any other events in tokyo, the line to get into the exhibition hall is rather long...

long queue

the queue you see in the photo is probably only about 10% of the actual length. so this is the 2nd long queue i had in 1 morning... (rem the one for sushi earlier) although longer, this is actually faster.

without much more ramblings, here are some photos of the fair...

namco exhibit

some gal doing autographs at one booth... must be some celebrity bah...

howl's moving castle

gundam figurines

another gundam figurine, one of the only few which i managed to build (and hence this pic)

anybody knows what is this? this is life-sized btw

robot no. 28

peter pan and captain hook

whatever this is, rather cute too

sesame street!!! altogether now! "... won't you tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street..."

gaara from naruto

conan - not the barbarian, but the detective... lol


by this time, some of you must be thinking wtf? where are the chiobu pics?? haha i have left the best for last =)

here they are...

some army gal

gals dressing up as witches seen in some anime

dunno whether this qualifies in this section (section of chiobus supposedly), but well, she's posing for the camera...

club gal, though not cute herself, but rather cute... get what i'm saying?

skytv gal... not anime, but some cable tv company promoter

she looks real spooky here... she's actually really not too bad when she's not posing... well

oooh... french maids....

supposed to be quite chio one, but thanks to my camera, no flash... so cannot really see

ok this gal is chio, but due to flash too bright, looks weird... haha

cutest gal (i find) from the full metal alchemist booth...

avex trax gals...

finally! my face appears! with 2 chiobus (they looked good real life)

the gal on the right, i recognised her as she was in my office building just last week giving out flyers on the Toshiba handheld satellite TV... fancy seeing her there again..

hmm, actually i think the reason that they dun have knock-outs over here was because, as i mentioned, the bike show was on the same days... i presume the real good lookers will be working there instead of here... so anyways, next time i go for the tokyo motor show then we shall see...

anyway i left this place at ard 12+ so the whole day was over pretty soon... was pretty tired due to not sleeping the nite before. went back dorm and koonz until 10 pm.. haha pig.

played basketball the whole of yesterday... limbs are aching like hell...

so, that's all for now... =)

"ta-ta everyone!"

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tsukiji fish market

gosh, who in their right mind would want to go to a stinky wet fish market at 6 in the morning (besides the sacrificial mums who wants to cook nice fish for all us ingrates!)???

apparently, lots of ppl.

believe it or not, it is one of the tourist spots in tokyo. i guess it is more for the angmohs, who dun get to see much of this scene ard, otherwise it is just a large-scale version of what you get to see in singapore... except i dun get to see much live fishes.

ok... another reason as to why ppl visit here (this applies to me) is....... you can find the best sushi in the whole of japan (extends to whole world too) right here...

went there on saturday morning.. *yawns* feel tired whenever i think of how early i had to wake up... err come to think of it, i didn't sleep a wink the nite before haha... (went for some midnite ofuro near my dorm)...

before going to the tasty parts, lets start of with something more, errr... gross.. ;p

specially customed vehicle used here in the fish market

look! the guy is already used to his "celebrity" status here! haha... but seriously, these vehicles are really cool...

... gross...

which just brings to mind, Libing... haha... my good jc pal who had a phobia of dead fish - he can't stand the sight of any... wonder whether he has conquered this fear now... hmmm.... haha... Libing are you there!??!


this guy is boiling the prawns

a closer look at the tasty-looking prawns.... yum

an even closer look... look! drool! (kidding)

btw, just like in america and canada, they don't call prawns prawns... they call them shrimps. when you say prawns to them (or to americans or canadians for that matter), more often then not, they will think you are talking in some foreign language (yes yes, english is a foreign language in japan, but you get my drift?)... so these huge prawns here are... shrimps. duh.

frozen tuna being dragged

anyone played Dark Cloud 2 on PS2 before? remember 1 weapon Max has called frozen tuna? there you have it =)

slicing up the fish

ok enough of the gross stuff... we finally come to 大和寿司 (daiwa zushi), according to some locals, the best sushi in whole of Japan, and the world! well... it had better be good (and it was), since i queued ard 100 minutes for the breakfast and paid 3150 yen for it!

best in japan!

30 mins in the queue...

while i was in queue, i caught sight of an interesting signboard...


Tsuma for 260 yen/kg... tsuma? isn't that japanese for wife? they are selling wives for 260 yen/kg?? imagine if your other half is 45 kg, she would have costed you only 11700 yen (183 SGD)... haha so cheap...

but of course it has any meaning to it... upon checking up, tsuma also means garnish... which also adds another interesting connotation... wife = garnishing? =p well judging by how the japs treat their wives, probably... haha...

(btw, the perverse-looking person taking picture on the right is augustine... he is, well, perverse ;p joking lah)

anyway, kick me for forgetting to take pictures of the nice sushis.... sigh.. was too busy eating them ;p

leave you guys with a nice picture of some fleurs...

some flowers

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