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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


now in the camp liao... yeah... for my ict briefing... darn.
as usual the camp quite cock up, dunno where to direct me initially, went from one office to another.
but in the end, now i'm in the mess liao... waiting for the meeting to begin in 30 mins time.
ah well. nothing's changed after 7 years. ;p

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paikia elephants

in malaysia, ppl scared of robbers waylaying their cars and rob their belongings.
in india, ppl scared of an elephant waylaying their cars and rob their food.

so cute ;p

"The tusker then inserts its trunk inside the vehicle and sniffs for food," local resident Prabodh Mohanty, who has come across the elephant twice, was quoted as saying.

"If you are carrying vegetables and banana inside your vehicle, then it will gulp them and allow you to go."

If a commuter does not wind down his window or resists opening the vehicle door, the elephant stands in front of the car until the driver allows him to carry out his routine inspection.

full article here.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The association, which represents the big Hollywood studios, recently brought to Malaysia two dogs trained to sniff out DVDs -- with stunning results. The two Labradors, Lucky and Flo, have sniffed out more than a million DVDs and broken a fake DVD ring.

They have been so successful that authorities believe Malaysian pirates have put a bounty on the dogs' heads.

full article here.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

FA Cup

First of all, congratulations to Chelsea, who deservingly won the FA cup over the weekend.

The purpose of writing this blog is that I am sick and tired of people saying that Ryan Giggs goal should have stood as the ball crossed the line, or that he was fouled my Essien as believed by the likes of A.Ferguson.

Have a look at the video again.

1. Did the ball cross the line??

Ryan Giggs said it did. Even Cech himself admitted it did. But did it really??

From the video, it is clear that at its furthest point, the base of the ball was maybe 1 or 2 cm away from the line, if not marginally touching it. Anyone who studied elementary mathematics or physics can tell you that the ball is spherical, and so, if the base of the ball is so close to the line, the whole ball must have not crossed the line.

FIFA rules dictate that for a goal to stand, the whole ball must cross the line.

Look at the video again if you will, and have the liberty to pause at the precise moment and judge for yourself again. Based on the base of the ball, had the WHOLE ball crossed the line?

Of course I am not stating the obvious that Ryan Giggs actually pushed Cech over the line, which was obviously a foul.

2. Was Ryan Giggs fouled by Essien??

Ferguson and many others claimed he was. But was he??

Look at the video again in slo-mo. Essien's tackle came in almost at the same time when Ryan Giggs dived for the ball. Ok maybe a little earlier. But even in slo-mo, it's hard to make out whether there's contact before Ryan Giggs stretched for the ball, or whether he fell due to contact by Essien. Then who would know best the answer? Giggs.

In his own words, "I felt I was getting to the ball quite comfortably and felt someone touch my leg. But I was claiming for the goal not the penalty." He himself conceded that it was not a penalty.he was going for the ball comfortably, and felt someone touch his leg. What it means, do draw your own conclusions.

And then Ferguson said something which was more absurd. "...
the goalkeeper's spilled the ball behind the line."

Now, "spill" according to, is
v.   tr.
1. To cause or allow (a substance) to run or fall out of a container.
2. To scatter (objects) from containment: spilled the armload of books on the desk.
3. To shed (blood).

How this can classify as a spill is beyond me.

Obviously these are words from a sore loser.

Man U on top or great tactics by Chelsea??

Of course, there are many amateurs who feel that man u should win as they seemed to be the better team on the field that day. Were they?

Read the verdicts here. Chris Waddle was spot on.

"United only know one way to play and when they play slow, as they did in Milan and in this final, they don't win."

During the dreary 1st half, I like everyone else was feeling super bored. But it doesn't take an intelligent person to feel that Chelsea was slowing the game down. In some cases they can attack, but they chose to slow it down. Tactics? Of course.

Now read the full article on the Mourinho's tactics here.

In his own words, fans out there, "whether [you] want to enjoy the game or enjoy after the game?"

My answer too is after.

And I'm still enjoying every minute of it. :)

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Monday, May 14, 2007

This is funny... Holy Church of the Order of Painted Breasts... rotfl

There are so many scam mails from Nigeria etc. nowadays. For me I just delete them. But what this guy did was hilarious, and he scammed the scammers even.

On a hind note, was quite surprised to read that every year, US citizens alone are conned out of some $200m.

Anyway read the whole article here.

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Tips for women to look better and lose weight...

Errr... advice not from me, but from the usual crappy MDN source... heh.

Read about it here.

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i'm 48% Bill Gates!

if only i'm 48% as rich as bill gates....

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

New addition to the family...

Ever since I bought my Nintendo DS, it has been lying patiently in wait that one day, it will be showed some attention by moi.

The wait is over.

Welcome to the family... of PSP, PS2, PC, and all the P's and that stands for games.

I was kind of reluctant to play NDS, as the games are pretty steep. Although I have heard about NDS game ROMs for some time now, I haven't actually explored the possibilities of playing homebrew on the NDS. I mean, I already have my trusty PSP which more than satisfies my gaming needs on the go, why vex myself by creating more competition?

That all changed when Tyrone, my colleague at work, introduced me to the NDS flashcards. With these nifty cards, homebrews, MP3, movies, web browing, ebook, etc. are all possible. So i got one for myself, and errr.... borrowed some games from people whom I may or may not know over the web ;p... and there! (Final Fantasy III, baby!)

That being said, the conversion from PSP to DS isn't really easy. The first impression is that the graphics on DS really sucks as compared to that of PSP. 2nd, I find it weird to use the pointer to play games. Eg. in Spiderman 3, I have to use the darn touch screen to shoot webs, else I can't play it. I know I know, that's the point of having the DS..... but still I find it hard to adapt straight away. So unless I find a game really hard to put down, for now I am sticking with my PSP.

Any good games on DS to recommend?

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

finally... a good result...

2 nites of disappointments... (newcastle defeat on monday nite, chelsea on tuesday)... finally it's 3rd time lucky.
AC Milan for Champions League!

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