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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Photo Album

Dear All,
I have uploaded some new photos in a new web album-
Will be posting something over here as well (I hope), and adding more photos over there.
Irritating thing about picasa is the 250MB limit. But I guess they can't stop users from signing up multiple accounts to increase the cap.
Anyone has any better web albums to recommend??
It has to be clean, free, fast.
Other than flickr please.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Fwd: Important notice regarding your KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery photos.

How can malau kodakgallery do this???
There goes all my hard work uploading all my photos to this stoopid website.
Should have just used flickr or something.
Even imagefly pays the uploader, and not the other way round.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Oct 6, 2006 5:40 PM
Subject: Important notice regarding your KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery photos.
To: Winston

We've missed you at the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery. We're happy to store
all of your memories, but our terms of service require that you make
at least one purchase from us every 12 months in order to maintain
free storage of the images in your account.

We've been busy at the Gallery and have lots of exciting products and
projects to keep you creating. Choose from prints, our expanded greeting
card selection, new sizes in photo books including the mini photo book
and legacy photo book, plus favorites like mugs. Just visit the Gallery;
see your photos and we're sure you'll want to get started printing,
creating and sharing again.

Don't risk losing your photos!

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Thursday, October 05, 2006


i took a train from kikuna to musashi kosugi, expecting to see the old and familiar motosumiyoshi on the way... but i was in for a surprise. the express train sped through super fast, on the new tracks above the old station!! i was like... WOW.
went to see good old kancho and mrs kancho. they both look the same, and were very nice. kancho even offered to cook fried rice, his speciality, for me the next time i go over.
there were a few changes besides the obvious train station. a new restaurant sprang up along the row where the long men ke zhan - home bar is. the gyoza shop near the train station no more liao. and paseos also gone liao. the new train station, well, looks really new and cool.
only 5 months, but so many changes.... natsukashiinaa..
as usual, photos later. heh.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Vodafone = Softbank

First thing I noticed regarding handphones yesterday - got new service provider called Softbank.
2nd thing - when I went shopping to buy a prepaid card for my (JR's) vodafone hp, vodafone's nowhere to be found!!! Gasp!!
3rd thing - after i went to ask a big-eyed salesgal, she told me that Vodafone changed name to Softbank. dunno whether management got change or not, but the marketing quite aggresive this time.
dunno whether this company can make it now that change name or not. regardless... I got my hp activated!!
my number is 090-8561-XXXX
if you call from singapore, dial 001-81-90-8561-XXXX
i decided to censor the number in case i get prank calls. even though incoming is free, i think also better not.
so if any of you wanna call me, send me an email and i will tell u the secret 4 numbers.. heh.

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Japanese Work Culture

Quoting a Japanese friend of mine, who wrote this in an email to me. Darn funny... confirmed my hypothesis, right from the horse's mouth...

Yes, I agree with you. Japanese working habit is very strange. Some people stay at their office till late or on weekends even they have nothing to do. Taking rest makes them uneasy, I suppose. When somebody go homw early, he/she has to feel guilty. It's not good. Please do not work too much like them ne.

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first day at work in japan

freakin laptop... too small for my fat fingers... darn... heh... so if got typo dun mind hor?
after a tedious flight - i slept as soon as i boarded the plane, can't even remem the plane in taxi or take off ;p - and the lugging of my luggages through the train stations and shopping centres - it was so heavy that i couldn't write properly during check in - i reached the hotel finally and had my first meal in japan -  a ramen for dinner.
anyway my toyoko inn hotrel is jsut beside a casket shop... so much for goodluck. luckily my window not facing that.
(ok i stopped bothering to correct my typos liao.. be warned)
after an uneventful nite, i went to work yesterday in my g2k suit... the one i wore once and onky once during my first day in toshiba. i must say at least i fit the suit better now. the other time was too fat for it. heh.
nothing much, except for a briefing by a japanese regarding the project, which i nearly slept in... and because i needed my passport for soething and i left it in the hotel, i went back after lunch to get it and thus was late for assuembly. apparantly theywere looking for me to introduce myself. and i wasnt there. in time. during my first day. well. talk about bad first impressions.
anyway introduced myself i did. in japanese. or shall i say, broken japanese. then went to read some specss, did some stuff (cant say cos of the information security bull), and then went for a long dinner, come back for 30 mins, and then left at 8 pm.
my record for longest time in office. eva. (dun count army days lah)
so now i am here. running simulations again. executed it, and have to wait an hour plus for results. if it ends earlier, it:s not a good sign. means got error and i;ll have tgo pull my hair.
which is what happened just now.
so with some hair gone, i have ran the simulation again, and thus have some time towrite the as-boring-as-my-work blog.
hope to have interesting things to write about in the weekends. but for now, dun see anything promising.
tata for now!

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Japan - the Sequel

They say sequels suck. I think most do.
Will this 2nd trip to Japan be so too?

When I first came back to Singapore,
I wanted so much to go to Japan again.
Now I don't feel so anymore,
But ironically am minutes away from my plane.

Sorry for this lame poem,
constructed purely out of boredom.
Hope to see you guys soon,
But for now - I wanna go koon!!

Didn't sleep a wink last nite,
cos i was getting ready for my flight.
I dunno how long this lame poem will last,
you must be so very bored i trust.


ok. c'est fin

see you guys in dec!

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