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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

spring cleaning...

did some spring cleaning on my own around my office desk... my drawers were super messy... hehe... now it is so very neat n tidy =D

so proud of myself.

okok... 1 out of 2 drawers still better than nothing ok?

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Monday, May 30, 2005

a tale of 2 wives...

today is yasu's wife, mika's birthday... so...


here are some flowers for you!

well, dun think she reads my blog, but i think sometimes yasu does. so yasu, do show this to her, ya?

well if you notice my header, the other wife is chee keong's, who is here in japan for the second time now, this time staying for 3 weeks. teachers always get such long holidays.. so good...

anyway, to jenine, welcome back and thanks for the bakwah! hehe... and to both ck and jenine, 頑張て for the future 苏川崎!! hehe... ;)

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for all bleach lovers out there

Life is like a Boat (Rie Fu)

Nobody knows who I really am
I never felt this empty before
And if I ever need someone to come along
Who's gonna comfort me, and keep me strong

We are all rowing the boat of fate
The waves keep on comin' and we can't escape
But if we ever get lost on our way
The waves would guide you thru another day

远くで息をしている 透明になったみたい
暗闇に思えたけど 目隠しされていただけ

祈りをささげて 新しい日を待つ
鲜やかに 光る海 その果てまで

Nobody knows who I really am
Maybe they just don't give a damn
But if I ever need someone to come along
I know you would follow me, and keep me strong

人の心はうつりゆく 抜け出したくなる
つきはまた新しい周期で 胸を连れてく

And every time I see your face,
the oceans leap up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars,
and soon I can't see the shore

Oh I can't see the shore..
When will I see the shore?
I want you to know who I really am
I never though I'd feel this way towards you
And if you ever need someone to come along
I will follow you, and keep you strong

旅はまた続いてく 穏やかな日も
つきはまた新しい周期で 胸を照らし出す

祈りをささげて 新しい日を待つ
鲜やかに 光る海 その果てまで

And every time I see your face,
the oceans leap up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars,
and soon I can see the shore

运命の舟を漕ぎ 波は次から次へと私たちを袭うけど
それも素敌な旅ね どれも素敌な旅ね

Listen to this wonderful song here (right-click save as).
Read this interesting manga online here.

another nice manga that i would recommend, the "full-metal alchemist", can read it here.
in fact i think full-metal is one of the best manga of late (those kind that can pull your heart strings...)

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i am Inoue!!


new email...

following my short-lived affair with, i have now signed up for a new email addy with! recommended by my pal razlan on his blog!

guess not many of you know about my winzwong(at) email account. well there's not much need to since i auto-forwarded all my mails to that account for the previous 2 weeks. well, offers 1GB free, and it sounded cool, and it had some nice email templates, that's why i signed up for it in the first place.

however, sometimes, messages can't be sent out, dunno why... and not much options to play with, so i will be discontinuing this email.

now i got a relatively new email, ie. winzwong(at)! dun worry as well, have set up auto-forwarding so that you guys can still mail me at gmail, just dun be too surprised when you receive my replies from! not spam ok?

am happy to have this email account - just like when i first had my gmail... will now promote it a bit here.. hehe...

1. it is a relatively new service, so if you sign up soon, you may get good email names such as!
2. err is 2 GB enough for you? it is for me =)
3. the skin is nicer than that of gmail's.
4. completely ad-free... not even adsense by google, which gmail has. hence i assume it does not scan your mails (i assert that i assume).
5. basic functions, except for pop access, anything google can do, inbox can do too. interface looks so much nicer than gmail's white background.
6. i dun really like gmail's tag. here in inbox, you can do it the old-school way and create/manage folders. tuck away all those mails to separate folders to avoid crowding out the inbox (of inbox..hehe)
7. storage - you can store files, pictures, mp3's into your inbox account, limited only by the free 2GB mentioned. now this is one cool feature. be sure i will have a few more accounts soon to store photos/mp3s to share with you guys =)
8. can enable split screen, something like what you see when you use outlook express.
9. can do pro-active spam filter, meaning you can pre-block every unknown person who emails you, and only receive from them when you authorise them (this is optional of course)

the list goes on... hmmm... after typing the above, even i, myself am pretty convinced to start using this as my primary email account. should i? hmm.. let me think about it. for now, the attachment with gmail is still kinda great...

but really! go sign up with for your free 2GB now! url? err.. lor... and like yahoo, click on the email icon at the top left of the page.

enjoy =)

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presentation - how it went

for those concerned parties, the presentation went pretty ok i guess, with a few minor scares in the form of qns posed by the senior manager (got trick qn even).

at the post-presentation party, my trainer first commented: 素晴らしい! (that means wonderful)... well it's nice to have positive comments although considering japs, they give them all the time - whether they really mean it or not, it's secondary. BUT, in this case, i should add that he gave another comment right after the 素晴らしい comment. びっくりした (meaning he was surprised).


there. you see, they didn't have any confidence in us delivering a good presentation in the first place.


whatever - just glad it was finally over.

now gotta write my monthly report, in which there's nothing much to write about except for "preparing for presentation"... hmmm... gotta use my sian-ning skills again.

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remember the gal?

remember the pic of a gal licking the psp i posted on my blog some time ago? well apparantly that made her a small-time celebrity now. check out this link to find another link to a video clip featuring her on a talk/game show... can see her.. err.. licking portables blindfolded, and see if she can identify psp from n-gage.

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Friday, May 27, 2005


in 40 minutes time...

getting fidgety now...

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

movie buffs

please help me out by taking part in my mini poll found at the bottom of my sidebar...

can't decide which movie to watch... lol

but serious... thanks =)

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oh yeah...

one more thing...

today came to office, found that good ol' blogspot is now unblocked by my system administrator!! so i am back, baby!

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good times... bad times...

Qn. if there is something that inconveniences yourself and also irritates the hell out of your (good) friend, will you do it??

i was bloody irritated last nite, for some action that happened last nite - not for the first time, nor was it the second - for the umpteenth time...

enough is enough is enough. a person who does something that irritates me so much when he/she knows it is no friend of mine. go irritate someone else instead.

forget about the unhappy incident... let's move on to a lighter topic.

for these 2 days, there's a CASIO sale happening in my office building for office staffs.... hehe.. and i got a (U.P. 12000 yen) watch for just 2000 yen (S$31)! that's pronounced as S-T-E-A-L if you ask me.

well yeah, the model is 1 year old. although a few friends said it's nice, some inaesthetic ones claimed it's not really nice and it's for gals... bah!

point is - it's cheap, it's pretty, it's YELLOW! and of course, i like it =) (and the yellow makes the purple look nice hehe)

one fren even went back today with the thought of getting the same watch, but too bad, sold-out... hehe..

tomorrow will be my big presentation... have been doing overtime this few days (involuntarily) for this, so will be glad it will be over soon...

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for all the trauma caused and he gets only a sack?

japantoday ran an article on this gal who was raped 10 over years ago, and only had the courage to bring it up just recently. main article is here, and some forum about it is here.

split personalities, xenophobic and what have yous... its pretty sad to know how long the effect of rape can last...

sad part of this article is that she is still so kind to the perpetrator after all these years... for me i will probably kill him or something... and the even sadder thing is that he only got a sack from his job... c'mon crimes like these, the victims being scarred for life, the perpetrators gotta pay!

i know you guys are sick and tired of hearing this, but japanese law is almost as good as a chapter of 蜡笔小新.... all the joke but sadly none of the enjoyment.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Sorry Chee Keong. I will be deposit the chq by today. I did not pass by OCBC bank last few days.

Please inform Winston, my apology.



so that's why my pay is still not in... how bloody efficient...

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Yokohama F Marinos vs Urawa Reds @ Nissan Stadium and TWE Ensemble Festival

The whole gang outside the stadium...

btw, the stump that we were posing the with is a memorial of the World Cup 2002.... the finals between brazil and germany was held in this very stadium. and the person with the sexy leg sticking out is chee keong... signs of warm weather when someone is wearing shorts out.

well finally today i have a day all to myself... it's been a long long while... it feels real good when you can wake up at 3 pm! ha... finally...

and something tells me that i should take this chance to sort photos, which i have not done since the last time you guys saw any on this blog... (and that is some pretty long time)... but, this being my one holiday after a long while.. think i will take a break from ANY work instead... (yeah sorting photos is tedius work, at least for me)... but to give you guys a treat, i have uploaded the solitary photo above, since it lies conveniently in my desktop.. hehe. (yeah, big deal)

regarding yesterday's ensemble festival (or enfest, as they call it), well i did perform in 3 groups out of 10... and my groups came in 4th, 5th, 8th... well... not expecting wins anyway.. at least i got a chocolate for ending up 4th... hehe... but the 1st was real good though... think the usual japanese doing fast semis in perfect unison and harmony.... yeah... that was about it.. most ppl gave them 10/10 (but i gave them 9.5, since there's always room for improvement, no?), so how to beat that?

anyways some comments on my playing... (you guys back there who knows my clarinet standard will be laughing your heads off...)
1. 凄い、上手、うまい、etc. the usual japanese praise that isn't worth a cent (or so i think)...
2. my sound has some quality in it that japanese somehow lack...
3. i play very delicately (unlike japanese), which is nice, but my sound and the others dun really match, which is not so good...
4. my vibrato is very nice, sounds sophisticated. heard some clarinettist with the same vibrato in a czech philharmonic orchestra before... again something that japanese dun really have.

hmm... with the above praises, i should be happy, no? what's more these are coming from my conductor (a professional, not like all of us, amatuers)... but i know my own standard lah (and so do some of you)... so well... last nite keep saying "no lah" and thank yous lor... what else can i do?

so anyway that's that... and i just realised that i have practice next saturday too! @#$# and the band is going to buy a new romeo and juliet score, the one which has the crazy running notes all throughout the movement... cos they feel that the current de meij one, no impact.





for those who can read japanese, here are the exact comments (only listed those related to me)... for those who can't read, pls use a language translator or something:

1. ウィンストンさんの音色がすごくきれいでびっくりしました。
2. ウィンストン君のヴィブラート、Clでは難しいようですが。雰囲気を出すために使用していたのが良かったです。
3. 渡辺さんWinstonさん1st頑張ってましたね。 バランスもよく、Good.

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Friday, May 20, 2005


Got an email from my Concert Master just now...


This is tommorrow's time schedule.
Don't miss the final practicing.

May 21 (Sat)
10:30 - 11:00? Final Practice for Mozart's Tune
12:00 - 12:30 Final Practice for Joplin's Tune
12:30 - Lunch Time
(Please take your lunch for you.
Cafeteria at 1st floor will not be open tomorrow.)
**:** - **:** Sax, Keyboard, Percussion session Practicing. (I am playing the sax too)
(I do not hear the time)

14:00 - 18:00 Ensemble Festival
No.3 Mozart
No.4 Joplin
No.11? Sax

19:00 - Party at Suttoko-dokkoi

there u go... another busy day for moi....

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these are not just ordinary pics of a bikini babe...

these are actually.....


i really need a nice comfy bolster... can i get one of these? lol...

16,000 yen (S$250) each, from here.

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View the absolutely hilarious trailer here!

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Thursday, May 19, 2005


those who know me know that i get ulcers pretty often, like no need money one... ever since i came to japan, i haven't got any ulcers..

that's until now.

irritatingly, i have 3 ulcers on my tongue now, which is giving me tremendous pain... arghh... even talking also got problem now... sigh...

i hate ulcers! =(

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random thoughts...

just came back to my desk from the toilet...

while i was in the toilet, the cleaning lady was doing some toilet cleaning in the toilet... while many may bawk and leave the toilet if it were to happen in Singapore, I, together with 2 other guys, each went to a urinal to carry out our businesses.


back in singapore, whenever i enter the toilet and see a cleaning lady in there, i will either leave the toilet to let her finish her cleaning in peace, or head into one of the cubicles. whenever a cleaning lady wants to clean a male toilet, more often then not, she will wait for all to leave before entering and commencing.

here in japan, it is different. hell, not all toilet ladies are old aunties too. in fact, other than the ones i see in my office building, the other ones i have encountered are all young pretty lasses in their late teens and early twenties, presumably cleaning toilets part-time.

they seem inpervious to the number of guys in the toilet peeing, and the jap guys also seem indifferent to her presence.

there was one time i was in shibuya's 109 shopping centre, and visiting the toilet. upon entering i saw this young gal maybe about 22 with some nice heels and jeans, hair done up nicely and highlighted, rinsing a cloth at one of the sinks. i would have thought otherwise if she wasn't wearing an apron and fisherman's rubber gloves, but apparantly she was there to clean toilets.

so i promptly entered one of the cubicles to pee. for me, if auntie clean toilet, ok... but young gal clean toilet... err... a bit paiseh lah... not as high level as the japs yet... when i got out i saw this gal cleaning the urinals - squatting down (with heels), with a cloth in one hand, hardworkingly wiping the inside of the urinals... well ok... but, the fact that she was doing this when a jap guy was peeing at the next urinal just seems so out of place to me. here he was, peeing just 60 cm away, while she was dutifully carrying out her task.


and neither the guy nor the gal looked the least bit paiseh.

hmm... is it just me, or is it just me かな?

yup... this whole scene was replayed in my mind when i was peeing at one of the urinals with the cleaning lady walking about behind me, just some minutes ago...

many more japanese peculiarities to come, if they happen to come up in my mind, i will let you guys know =)


carrie vs bo... yawn... they should have done away with the last 10 episodes if it was such a sure thing to happen...

this year's AI a bit boring... dun have those special guest stars and themes such as elton john, barry manilow, etc. rem 1 article i read earlier this season, on mariah carey turning down randy jackson's (her producer) invitation to appear as guest judge, citing that she can't be as nice as paula abdul always giving good comments because she is a good singer and paula is not.. ouch.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

2 great news!

1. My money is finally in! Karaoke anyone =p

2. PS3 unveiled.

i will be among the first to get my hands on this come next spring... and will sell it for a profit, muahahaha....

*evil grin*

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Monday, May 16, 2005


when something tastes like MSG, is it supposed to be good or bad?


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Friday, May 13, 2005


hmm... promised to update you guys on a lot of things... pretty tired from work now, so thought i will take a little break and write about something...

let's start from where i left off -- or rather, first promised.

horse racing.

hmm, for those who are like me, have never been to horse racing before (before this time at least), i guess our mental picture of horse racing is a place filled with dirty old man, probably those kinda lao ah peks with a polo T, berms and old-man-sandals getup, holding newspapers or some other almanacs, shouting and cheering on their horses. thankfully it wasn't like that, at least not in Tokyo.

i was surprised to see many youngsters like me (or even younger) there... many young couples were there too, as if they were there for a date or something. most were dressed rather well, well, not ginza-standard, but at least got kawasaki-standard bah... they were generally unboisterous, polite, and watching the races like ppl you see in tv watching a pga golf tournament, with the occasional cheer or sigh...

so, i was rather impressed with the ppl who were present.

ticketing-wise, i guess the picture of stephen chow buying tickets from counters in the movie "赌圣" is still in my head. i dunno about hk or singapore now, but here... everything is computerised and you buy tickets from an automatic teller machine. okok... the fun of shading the betting slips is still retained... you basically feed the completed tickets into the machine, pay the money, and collect the betting tickets. way cool.

as for the horses proper, hmmm... not as exciting as i had expected, maybe partly due to the nonchalant spectators. the start of the race is not signalled by a blare of a horn like what you see in sports meets. suddenly they just start running, and the commentry just say "スタートしました"... not particularly an exciting way to start a race. also... can't hear the sounds of horse galloping... wonder whether if it's because we were not seated very close to the course.

anyways, as for betting, yes, i did try my hand at it. minimum bet was 100 yen, and there were 12 races per day. so i betted an average of 100yen/race => spent 1200 yen. heng i won on 2 or 3, albeit small wins.... so i recouped some and actually had a net loss of ard 200 yen (plus another 200 yen for entrance = 400). not too bad for 1 whole day of entertainment.

i went together with calvin, yasu, mika (yasu's wife), and 3 other yasu's friends. his fren won ard 400 SGD in one race... lucky chap. (and he only treated us to a 147 yen drink each....err... so generous of him...)

after 1 day of observation, i found that the chances of recommended or popular horses winning the race was not particularly high... in many races, unheralded horses came out tops... and that's when ppl who bet on them won big. i betted on 3 good horses for top 3 spots and won 490 yen only. compared to someone who bets on 1 popular one and another unpopular one, he can go home with 30,000 yen or more (with a 100 yen bet)...

so there you see... winston's "sure-win"* tip of the day:
pick a super duper popular horse (those sure win kind), and pair it with all other horses. eg. buy horse1-horse2, horse1-horse3... and so on.. if got 10 horses in the race, you will need to pay 900 yen. sit back, and hope that this popular horse dun cock-up, and that an unheralded horse comes in second. now, if the popular horse is in top 2, at least you can recoup something (since you betted on all others), so worst off, you end up like me winning 400 yen (net-loss 500 yen). however, if an unheralded horse comes in together with the popular one, you win about 20-30k yen!! of course, if your popular horse dun come in top 2, you lose all.

if you do some calculations, let's say 1000 yen for each race, as long as within 20-30 races, something like this happens, you will definitely win. if so suay, then too bad, dun come and look for me... ;p

but on that day when i went, out of 12 races, i remember at least 3 races, a popular horse and an unpopular one came in top 2, and ppl won like 400 bucks (SGD of course) in that one race...

i remember the last race, if you predict the top 3 horses in their respective orders correctly, you win over 600,000 yen with a 100 yen bet! (an unpopular horse was in top 3).

anyway, it was quite an experience i must say, and i am pretty satisfied at that... dun think i will go again anytime in the future, so all concerned frens and family, dun worry. (^v^)

leave you with this next tip:

winston's confirm-sure-win tip of the day:
dun gamble... dun bet... you dun lose anything, you win.

* in the events if the "sure-win" tip doesn't win, note that the "sure-win" is in inverted commas.

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weekend plans

here are my weekend plans:

2000h-2130h - Band Practice
2130h-2230h - Ensemble Practice

0830h-1600h - Office's Sports Day
1300h-1700h - Ensemble Practice

1400h-1600h - J-League match @ Yokohama Stadium
1800h-?? - Dinner with Cousin

yeah just received a call from my cousin, who is now in Japan on a business trip i think. so will be meeting him on Sunday evening. I guess he got my no. from my parents, but my parents never told me he'd be coming!

too many things to do, too little time!

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

diags, diags...

and more diags...

sigh.... they never end, do they?

dun mind me, just something tedious i have to do at work...

did i say tedious? that must be some gross understatement...

diags, diags... argghh...

how are all of you guys out there?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

special disney train for hk disneyland?

sighted in a few blogs are photos of the very "special" disney trains that will serve the to-be-opened hong kong disneyland.

When Hong Kong Disneyland opens in September, this specially outfitted train will take guests from the city to the park. Hand-rings have Mickey ears. Instead of drab metal, the seats are comfortable L-shaped sofas in sapphire blue. Completing the theme are vintage photos of Walt Disney, along with bronze statues of Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pluto, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Tinker Bell, and Snow White. (from boingboing)

those who have been to tokyo disneyland will know that this specially outfitted train is the exact replica of the tokyo disney resort line that serves Maitama station, Disneyland and Disneysea.

well having just been to disneysea last week, i can show you some photos that i took =)

too bad i didn't take a shot of the whole interior of the train, otherwise you can see that the train design is exactly the same, blue sofas and all...

well given that tokyo disneyland's layout is the exact mirror image of LA's disneyland, you can be sure that the hong kong disneyland won't be too different... including the train that is.

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i dunno why but my office outlook blocked one of my frens emails... so turns out he has been sending me some emails but all kenna blocked automatically, unbeknownst to me...

as a result, he was quite offended that i reply everyone, but "chose" to ignore him... sigh... he even posted on his own blog about this... macham i also feel bad after reading it... sounds like i am a criminal like that... but i am glad it's all cleared up now... =)

dunno how come this happened in the first place...

totally clueless...


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somethings you dunno about me...

neither did I! hahaha...

show you the results of my Sleep Profile:

Your sleep is fairly well optimised, scoring 53 %.
You said you do not have a problem with sleep and you are not very sleepy during the day, which means your body is probably getting the sleep it needs. Quality of sleep is more important than quantity. There's room to improve your score. Your personalised advice below may be useful.

You are an "Owl"
You are built to be at your best later in the day. Surprisingly, it also means your body clock is more flexible than people with standard or lark-like body clocks.
Ideally, people should wake at the same time everyday, but being an owl, you can probably cope quite well when your sleep pattern is disrupted.

You could be snoring
The size of your neck could mean that you snore. The snoring is caused by the weight around the neck restricting your airway, making it difficult to get air into your lungs. Although a small amount of snoring is fine, heavy snoring can be a serious problem.
During heavy snoring there is typically a gagging noise, then you wake and gasp for breath. This can happen as many as 100 times an hour without you realising (you have to be awake for at least 30 seconds to remember waking), which is why it is possible to wake from a seemingly good night and still feel sleepy.
Lying on your back will make this problem worse. Try sleeping in different positions if you can.
Taking sleeping pills to combat snoring may only make it worse, as it can further relax your neck muscles. Sleeping pills are considered ineffective as a treatment for snoring. Get advice from your doctor if snoring is a significant problem for you.

Yes, yes, now all of ya know I do snore... but not too much lah... i grind my teeth more than i snore =p

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Monday, May 09, 2005

handphone earpiece


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i'm back!

hmm... guess by now no one is reading my blog anymore... ah well... i write for my own keepsake then... =)

just came back from a trip to kyoto/osaka and am dead tired... instead of writing about it, think i will do a photoblog instead... so you gotta wait to see it... すぐに書く... hehe

i'm so tired i need some rest!! when is the next hols coming? lol...

activities lined up for this week:
Mon nite: Jap Class
Tues nite: Jap Class (Volunteer)
Wed nite: Jap Class
Thurs nite: Jap Class (Volunteer)
Fri nite: Band Practice
Sat: Band Practice (cos Ensemble Festival is next week, and I haven't been practising with the rest!!)
Sun: J-league @ Yokohama Stadium live!

the next Sat after this is the Ensemble Festival... so that leaves the 22nd May Sunday as my next rest day!! Thinking of it alone is enough to make me feel tired... and after a quick check, my next long weekend/holiday will be on *gasp* 1st July weekend!! that's like 8 weeks away!!!


and when will my pay be coming かな?

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