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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

happy new year, dear friends!!

anyway today i didnt play for my perf, cos one of us is seriously ill, so cant put out a show.... sigh... just wish she gets well soon...

nothing special this new year... no ang bao, gotta work... sigh.

ah well.

you guys play for my share too lor ;)

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

of intercourses and ejaculations

She felt, and rightly, that before the strain of attempting further intercourse with Albert, it would be as well to fortify herself with a good supply of local colour.
Albert uttered another ejaculation indicative of delight.

whoa... hold your horses... this blog is not turning R-rated, I assure you... ;p

I was reading a little Agatha Christie - a throwback to my primary-secondary days - when i was waiting for my partner to complete some portions of the work... and I came across the 2 lines above... and really, was quite surprised to see "intercourse". more so because Albert, in the story, is roughly a 10-year-old lift boy! wats more he "ejaculated with delight"!! haha...

after reading each line twice to make sure i didnt read wrongly, i then remembered that Agatha Christie belonged to the 50s (?) and of course then, the words would mean nothing more than their original, and innocent, meanings...

interesting to see how words evolved over just a few decades...

imagine if i were to go to a gal i dun really know, and ask her, "Excuse me, may I have intercourse with you?" my, i guess i would have a slap in return or something! heh.

errmm... in case some of you dunno, in the original context, intercourse just means talk, or conversation. :)

and to end off this rather unsavory post, 2 more lines from the novel:

'What a pity!' I ejaculated.
- yup... indeed, what a pity ;p

"Holy snakes!" he ejaculated. "Is it really you?"

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long time no blog... not that i have forgotten... but well... you know.. hehe...

last nite went back, slept at 9 pm, until this morning 8 am... so i'm pretty rejuvenated today!

as some of you may know, i have performances coming up... first is on the 29th, my ensemble performance....thats just a 6-7 mins performance, so i'm not so duly worried...

2nd of which is on the 11th next month, Toshiba Wind Ensemble's annual concert. we will be playing 3 segments (yes, with 2 intermissions)... dun ask me why, but apparantly some japanese bands like to adopt this pattern.... will be kick starting with some lighter pieces such as Colonel Bogey, TV Detectives, The Inn of Sixth Happiness. 2nd segment will be wholly Romeo and Juliet, and the third, Japanese-themed pieces - Geva Geva 60 minutes, Howl's Moving Castle, Japanese Grafitti 6 (period dramas). if it ever gets to the encore pieces, i will be having a solo (!!) in Disco Kid, and the 2nd (and final) will be Friends for Life, coincidentally the encore piece they have every year.

the reason why i mentioned "coincidentally" is that back in secondary school, we had a combined concert with STC and SPS annually under Glosz, and that same piece used to be our encore piece every year too! so it brought back some memories...

anyway, although it was free for audience, most of my friends won't be supporting... why? well they chose to go for their 4th (or 5th) skiing trip instead. well some claimed that skiing, go back Singapore cannot liao, but my concerts go back Singapore still can go... but well I think otherwise. firstly, they are not going skiing every week - i.e. they could have gone on another week other than mine - reason being that week is cheaper by 3k cos there's a Friday off from work for us. yup so its not so much of not having chance to ski if they choose to go for my concert, but its more of wanting to save up that 3k instead.

well, i dun really blame them, they of cos can choose whatever interests them most.... and of cos, thats just to show how many good friends i have around here - Calvin, Jianrong, Yuhui only. yup only 3 that i know so far... sad hor? its also good that they choose to go ski instead lah; i will not feel guilty for causing them to lose the chance of skiing that weekend.

anyway to Calvin, Jianrong, and Yuhui, if you happen to read this, as i'm sure some or 1 of you will, thanks for the support shown, I really appreciate it - really gives me some reason to strive to do better for the concert, and not feel that my 12,000 yen spent in taking part in this concert is to waste. sorry also for causing you guys the lost opportunity of going to ski as well... and hope you guys will enjoy the concert ;)

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

of rain and sumos...

there's something cute about a gal squatting down covering her ears whenever she hears thunder. what's more she's a 31 year old... same age as my sister... hehe... i guess somethings just dun change with age. anyway it was raining kittens and puppies the whole of yesterday... haven had rain for quite sometime now... but got my feet soggy, so that wasnt pleasant.

today went to watch sumo for the first time.... it was pretty exciting actually, although by putting the big bouts at the end of the day, instead of building up my anticipation and rousing my interest, it wore me off, and was too tired in the end to view the best few matches. hehe. woke up at 615, reached at 8 am. matches started at 840, and ended at about 6pm. tiring hor? but kinda interesting lah... will post some photos up later, though knowing me, dun expect them to be up soon.. hehe...

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

there was a time...

... when i would look forward to going back to hall every new week.

not so much hall 6 as in the hall... but the hall 6 people in hall 13... during our first year there, when hall 6 was being renovated.

i looked forward to seeing vincent, my good old pal from NS days, my great room mate, who had to endure through all the gaming while he was sleeping/ studying for exams. i still remember he, being an orange freak, had many cans of qoo mandarin orange cans stacked up on top of his cupboard.... miss you, vincent...

i looked forward to seeing tianbin, my great pal who sticked by me through thick and thin, my great gaming partner, someone without whom, i would not have enjoyed my hall stay at all... also of course, his room mate, zhenwei, as thin as necromancer... hehe.. miss you, tianbin... and zhenwei...

i also looked forward to seeing the 3 "sisters"... sooyi, shaozhen, and diana... all of whom, like me and tianbin, were centaurians... hehe...

sooyi was and is still one of the kindest persons that you will ever meet... shaozhen was the sparksgal... mambo queen... those you see dancing away while speed-smsing at the same time... diana, my love-hate friend... couldnt really get along, but yet, still a dear friend all the same (and married liao, now)...

3 of whom, used to visit vincent and me in my room all the time... spend lotsa time gossiping and talking and stuff... just enjoying time back in hall 13... miss you, sooyi... miss you, shaozhen... miss you, diana...

of cos, there's yihui and lewis too... great basketballers, and WE kakis... used to spend lots and lots of time playing WE4, then WE5, then WE6, then WE7 with them (as well as tianbin).... lewis was my coursemate as well... always had to borrow notes from his last minute to crap for exams.. hehe.... miss you, yihui... miss you, lewis...

there's keli as well... a ravishing knock-out i got to know while playing weiqi for IBRG... who would have thought that a gal wearing speghetti-strap tops all the time throughout orientation, would be such a approachable and fun close fren? we would play diablo 2 every nite till 6 am, then have breakfast together, and depending who got back at the appropriate time, dabao dinner back for each other... she got lots of men crazy over her... and it was crazy just having her as a close fren.... miss you, keli...

there were so many other great pals from then. just to name a few... jessie - the flautist, diana's room mate, cook miso soup for us, jianrong's galfren; jianrong - fren then, great fren now in japan; zhenrong - yihui's room mate, ex-all school judo champ, taiwanese, hjc schoolmate, super gaoxiao; mark - my great senior, mentor, fren, ever present to help; george - clown, jester, whatever you may call him; the list goes on.... there are so many, so do forgive me if i had not mentioned you...

why am i getting all nostalgic and stuff? well... cos it is kinda sad... when i looked back at the happy times... and then becos of some incident, i sorta drifted apart from them all, except tianbin, only to find their blogs just hours ago, ppl happily leading their lives as if we have never met... just kinda feel happy, sad, and nostalgic all at the same time.....

miss all of you guys back in hall 6. the time in hall 13 is one of the best times in my life, and i thank you all for it...

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sorry for being away for so long...

tried to blog this morning but cant access blogger.. hmmm... so now i am here blogging (and skipping my jap lesson hehe)...

this month will hopefully be my last busy month... weekends all taken up by band practices.. sigh... ensemble perf on 29th, and the actual full band one next month 11th.

hopefully all of ya got a great new year! and may the days be ahead be filled with fun as well...

sounds like i am signing off rite? hehe... yup soon... cos i gotta go clean up my room... doing my oosouji after the new year... weird hor?

will def do a decent post within this week.... again thanks to those who drop by often.... and apologies for having no updates so far...

take care ya?

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