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Friday, January 21, 2005

my life in japan

about my blog ...

this blog was started on Jan 21st 2005. although blogging has already been popular for quite sometime, i didn't catch the fad of keeping a blog, as, well, i have better things to do such as meeting frens, hanging out, playing games (lol) etc.

i must say i was first inspired by tsutsen and fangyi, both like me are in japan now, and both like me (but for a longer time) are keeping blogs. initially i started this blog mainly to keep a log of all things interesting (and uninteresting) that i have done in japan, so that i can look back few years down the road and laugh. also of course, as i may have mentioned, it is also an avenue to tell my family and friends how i have been doing, what i am busy with etc. no need to mention the same things over and over again to friends who may ask ;p

now, i am using my blog as my bulletin as well... whenever i come across anything interesting, i will try to post in up in my blog. hopefully, my readers, who are mainly my family and friends, will find them interesting as well. if not, just humour me will you?

as such, i dun think, in any time soon, my blog will grow to become like xiaxue's or kenny sia's, since they usually write for their audience (in xiaxue's case, against her audience ;p), neither will it be like mr brown's, since he writes mostly about singapore stuff... my blog is pretty narrow, for friends, i hope you find it interesting to know about my life here, and for visitors, i hope the content here interests you in one way or another.

about the blogger ...

i am a singaporean who is now in japan for OJT. in japan for a duration of 18 months, and i will finish my OJT here in end april 2006. afterwhich i will have a bond period of 2 years working locally in Singapore, so i dun think i will be staying in japan, or any other countries for that matter... therefore, before my jailterm starts, i better make the best out of my time here!

here are some of my other details...

name: Winston Wong
nicks: winzwong, or simply winz
where am i: kawasaki, japan (near tokyo)
where i was/ will be: serangoon area, singapore
age: 26 (born in 1979, year of goat), pisces
schools attended: henry park primary school (1986), beng wan primary school (1987-91), saint andrew's school (1992-5), hwa chong junior college (1996-7), nanyang technological university (2000-4). exchange student at university of western ontario, london, canada (fall semester 2002).
classes: (for long lost frens) Henry Park: 1CC; Beng Wan: 2C, 3C, 4A, 5A, 6A; SAS: 1C, 2B, 3SB, 4SB; HJC: 96S32; NTU: EEE major, specialise in Electronics.
army camps: bmtc nee soon, ocs, 1st commando battalion (as clerk).
hall experience: hall 6!!
ecas: mainly band. in ntu, hall as well... but music is my life...
icq no: 77174486
msn msgr:
yahoo msgr:
contact details: or (email me if you want my phone number and/or snail mail address)

feel free to add me to chat... and if there's anything you wanna know about me, my life, or even japan, feel free to contact me as well...

again, thanks for dropping by ;)

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