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Monday, July 25, 2005

hokkaido soon...

tomorrow will be going hokkaido, as such, although today a bit holiday mood, got quite a lot of work to do before leaving... and i just finished a meeting...

anyway our suayness seem to have not left us... forecast predicts that there will be typhoon tomorrow... if got, i think we who are taking aeroplanes will be in danger!! touchwood!!!! where's my lucky star???

anyway do pray for us, that the typhoon wont affect us... ah well, may as well pray that the typhoon wont affect anybody for that matter...

think if i have time after packing tonite, will do 1 final post before a week's absence from my blog... hehe... if not, here's saying...

happy summer holidays and see you next week!!

hasta la vista... a bientot.... zaijian... ja mata raishuu... ;)

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Friday, July 22, 2005

fujiQ highlands....

finally finished what i had to by monday, so now having some time in my hands, i will blog about the day of fun i had in fujiQ...

notice the crazy 90 degree drop ride on the right of the ferris wheel...

although weeks and days before the day, the weather report indicated that it would be raining on that day, when the day came, we were happy that there was no rain!!! must be due to the teruterubouze hehe....

notice the blue colour rag-doll above siownan's head? that's him! teruterubouze!! hehe...

anyway according to my fren, if you want to pray for good weather, you have to hang the doll right-side up. if you want bad weather, you can also pray for it, this time hanging it upside-down... hehe... for chaokeng purposes of course ;p if only it works, all the NS guys will be equipped with one each already ;p

anyway, we got the free pass which costed us 3500 yen... although not coloured, the cool thing is, we get to photograph our faces in!

our mugshots... fiona, me, siownan, yuhui, calvin, jasmine, jianrong...

digress a bit...

you know in japan, what they call adults? this is easy (can see from photo too) => 大人...

so you know what they call kids? => 小人... haha funny...

so what do they call students?? => 中人... really, never bluff... hahahahahaha...

so next time ppl say you are a 小人, dun worry, young at heart only ;)

ok back to topic...

we went to chiong arguably their most famous ride first...


from my face you can see how scary the ride was... ;p

what you see here is the peak of fujiyama... the ride of course..

dun play play, this ride used to be the tallest ride in the world...

got guiness certificate as prove even..

so off we went queuing...

in line...

hehe... it was one of the funnest ride i've ever been on lah... not scary lah, but fun. got my seal of approval, this one... pity never take again... hehe

anyways, me will stop here for now... will continue another day... cos my office bell just rang!!! hehe... off for the weekend!!! hitting the beach tomorrow!


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learnt a new word from google's word of the day... and a rather useful one at that...

ennui: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction arising from lack of interest.

hmm... kind of applies to me all the time... it will be my new catchphrase!! hurhurhur...

anyway saw these fotos from some random blog... can't remember which now, so, sorry to the source of these pics, can't acknowlege you for the pics...

these are actual adverts by a mobile phone operator, au, here in japan...

cute ;)

btw, i watched episode 3 last nite... it was better than i expected, but still corny at parts. as usual lucas dun really handle emotional bits well, whether its on purpose or not, whatever. but at least it made me wanna watch 4, 5 and 6 again... watched them when i was a kid, so cant remember anything liaoz...

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

fuji-eve... aka yuhui's birthday-eve...

for yuhui's birthday dinner, we actually tried to make reservations at the very popular chicken rice stall in roppongi, but to no avail. that shop is arguably the most preferred stall, because it serves many other local favorites such as chilli crab too!! yum yumz.... hehe...

undaunted, we managed to book a restaurant called Mu Hung, a restaurant boasting of 2 branches, serves chicken rice, and founded by a peranakan singaporean female!

this is how the restaurant looks like from the outside... nice hor?

they have counter seats too... to suit the jap culture..


damien, me, ck, james, tshush waiting impatiently for the food to arrive...

we were also pleasantly surprised to find that they serve food outside their main menu too! and so, we had kueh pie ti for starters... *slurpp...*

flown in straight from singapore... ;)

it was delicious... and i must admit i had never eaten one of those in my entire life back in sg... haha... damn suah ku... ;p

shortly after, we were served the main dish.... voila!

ambrosia!!! costs 950 yen btw (that's abt 14.50 sing)

yuhui busy tucking away!! check out the fast fork action!

the absolute best part of the chicken!!

looks super delicious right??? hehe... it was... not bad lah... the rice was nice... hehe... some of my nice frens say that the chicken rice chicken i cook tastes better... hehe (its actually a scheme to make me be the one cooking, dun think i dunno ;p)

and look what they have next... satay!!!

it actually tastes as good as it looks!! their satays have my seal of approval!

and next... sambal kang kong!!

hehe... nearly forgot to take the pic... manage to snap this at my plate, before it ended up in my big round belly ;) and yes, they taste damn good too!!

次は beef rendang!!!

half-eaten beef rendang also has my seal of approval!! ;)

and finally...

the aftermath... sob sob... why did it have to end?? (notice i saved the best for last, u didnt actually think that i am going to waste the best bits of the chicken did you?)

after the great meal, it was cake-cutting time!! they were so nice as to dim the lights for us ;)

yuhui, the birthday gal, on the right...

we had a group picture taken with the cake...

dun ask me why only 2 of us were sitting in front... and no, it's not what you think...

and finally, after devouring the cake, we took another group picture, this time with mary-anne, the owner of the restaurant. she promised us chilli crabs and laksa next time we visit... (we have to pre-order first)

she's the one in black beside the birthday gal..

i'll give this restaurant 4 out of 5 overall.... will definitely come back sometime!

ok for those who think warrau, only a chicken rice-cum-satay-cum-kangkong-cum-beef rendang stall wat... what's the big deal??

it is a big deal ok??? in tokyo leh!! big BIG deal!! hehe... oops.. getting a bit hysterical from looking at all those delicious food again ;)

next post, will be on the fuji trip.... coming soon... ;)

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what the...??

"My blogger and gmail account got hacked. All blogs are deleted, all 3000 emails gone.

I cannot retrieve both passwords because blogger’s password prompt is sent to my gmail account, and as for gmail, I have no idea why they are not sending my password to my secondary account.

Please help me to announce this on your respective blogs, and curse the MOTHERFUCKER who did this.

Pardon me while I go break down.


poor gal.... no matter how vehement she is in her views... no one deserves this...

for those who are unacquainted with her, she is one of Singapore's most (in)famous blogger. She had around 3000 mails deleted and a total of 12 blogs (3 years of effort) deleted as well...

what a cruel thing to do...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

i hate losing...

i am a rather competitive person... and i hate losing...

some more kenna thrashed!!


me and my mates went to play bball last nite after work... usually they would open the second court for us to use since we are of different standards as the other japanese playing there... but yesterday they didnt because they had some activities up there. so we had to share the court with the japs.

of course, after not long, they began forming teams to play full court. we bo bian... either join in or cannot play liao... so we formed our own team.

results は 惨不忍睹 (haha english-jap-chinese combo!!)... sigh... although しようがない cos, for eg. for me, haven been playing for ages... so CMI... but still... dun like to lose... too bad no courts to practise more over here (yes... public courts and outdoor courts are virtually inexistant in japan...)

well.. i'm sure my s32 class team can beat those fellows... but that was 昔々 already... sigh...

anyways, fuji update akan datang.... last nite went back concussed shortly... so photos not uploaded yet.... sorry to all, especially to my self-proclaimed no.1 blog fan! ;p

yi san yi san liang jing jing..... lalalala... (this is twinkle twinkle little star in chinese by the way)

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in the news...

we all know japan's obsession with pachinkos and slot machines... now a japanese bank is err... banking on this popularity, coming out with new ATM machines with slot games in them!! well it took them long enough to come up with this idea.

the waiver of 105 yen withdrawal fee (after office hours) is 1 in 10 chances, while to win 1000 yen, the chance is 1 in 500... not bad siah... at least better than nothing lah....

dun think they so dumb (but you'll never know... ;p), but if can spin for the 1000 yen during office hours too (when the withdrawal fee is not charged), you can literally stand there the whole day playing this - withdrawing and withdrawing - until you win 1000 yen! haha... fat hope lah... i think.... ;p

next is... the TMNT are going to be back!!!! cowabunga! hehe... my childhood obsession i guess.. now still a little boy.... wondering whether i will really go and watch the movie when it is out... hmm... hehe...

Hard-shell hard sell
LOS ANGELES - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are set to return to the big screen after a 14-year break from computer-generated movies, Variety reported.
In their first deal since splitting from Walt Disney, movie magnates Harvey and Bob Weinstein have agreed to distribute the film for Warner Bros.
The comic book stories of four humanoid fighting turtles caused a sensation when they were adapted for TV before hitting the big screen from 1990 to 1993. The new movie is set for release in 2007. -- AFP

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


over the weekend, my blog visits, to my surprise, have not dwindled to as low as i would expect, due to the lack of posting.... thanks to all who visited this space and remembered me... ;)

anyway realised recently that blogs hosted by msn ends with "space" too, for example if you are andy, your blog at msn will be andy's space... kinda dun like this... cos me blog, as you know, is called winz's space, and it is original ok??? never copy anyone ok?? now so many msn bloggers become same as me... irritating!!

and so, as i was saying, i went and conquered mount fuji over the weekend... if i were to summarise the whole experience and to give my review in 1 short sentence, it would be "it's not worth it"... ;p dun call me names ok.. at least i endured through the whole process... ;)

was pondering whether i should blog about my weekend today or should i blog when i uploaded some photos to go along... now, i think i will do the latter... since i am rather busy at work today (just finished a meeting btw)...

so hang on there... for now if you are bored, can look at some pics of some errr... peaks at ;p (btw, sarongpartygal rules!)

till tomorrow ;)

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Teruteru Bouze

I pray to Teruteru Bouze. Do you know "照る照る坊主”? a paper doll to which Japanese children pray for fine weather.

the above are some words that my trainer wrote in her email to us... with regards to our mt fuji expedition.... interesting traditional/ cultural practice... hmm... will be interesting to see for real how it looks like...

further that, she wrote another email to us...

I forgot to tell about magic words to praying 照る照る坊主

i think in romanji it should go like this (if i am wrong, pls correct me):
teru teru bouze
teru bouze~
asu tenkini shiteokure

remember to chant this next time you are hoping for better weather...


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this weekend's plans

today i am going to be bad and skip band practice... again... sigh feeling really bad about this... somehow whenever i skip band pracs back in singapore, i wont really bother... but the responsibility here is heightened since japs really are damn serious in their music... if i make any mistakes, dun think everyone will be happy...

next week should be going, but the following week's prac, will be skipped once more due to my hokkaido trip... that makes it a grand 2 out of 6 practices attended for this month ;p

anyway back on topic... this weekend...

the great yokohama fireworks will be held this weekend... but will be at fuji... so most probably will miss it...

so this weekend going to fuji area... will be first going to fujiQ highlands where they have the world's tallest and fastest rollarcoaster ride ;) the next day then we will start our mt fuji climb... pls pray for our safety. hopefully the view up there will be worthed the effort...

anyway tomorrow is Yuhui's birthday.... so...


tonite skipping band prac to attend her birthday dinner somewhere in azabu or something - chicken rice!! hehe.. hope it's good... ;)

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

funny priceless picture ;)



for the lack of activity here today...

been busy with some work and meeting today... and after meeting busy promoting the start of our own bulletin board.. hehe.... to see what kind of crap we talk about, go here ;)

talk more tomorrow ;)

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attended another course today at the same place as last week... it was as boring as the one before.. hehe... contents wise, i'd swear they were the same if not for the lecture notes ;p (since all in jap, we wouldn't know the difference anyway)... hehe.... (last week was on design compiler, and this week on primetime)...

i nodded off for a while during the morning session... and in order to keep myself awake in the afternoon, i diverted my attention to somewhere so that i can stay somber....

hence, sketching.

hadn't done much sketching ever since secondary school i think... so dun expect the standard to be any high.... hehe... in fact, forgive me for the poor standard.... some of you guys out there must be laughing your asses off after you see the below...;p

anyways, i asked chee keong for a photo, any photo... and he lent me one with his then-girlfren, now-wife, taken when they were in jc1 (that was 9 years ago!!)

the end result was horrid.

the supposedly portrait (or caricature may be a better word here ;p) of jenine and chee keong...

yeah, after i completed the sketch, i gave it to chee keong... chee keong initially asked me to keep it, but i insisted on giving him anyway... haha.. now i can see why he didn't want to have it! it looks cartoony and bears no resemblance at all!! total joke! flunked... sigh...

i must add that i couldn't do better due to some factors as well. one, was in an adverse condition.. hehe... in lecture, scared other ppl see, so do hastily lor... two, lack of time.... you can see that i didn't really bother to do proper shading and all... if i were to do... no time to finish lah... (excuses ;p)

okok... i am just bad at it.

when i got back to dorm, after dinner, i had some time on my hands... so i tried sketching again, this time on another subject. i chose a person that most, if not all, of us who are in japan knows. hence all can be a good judge - if they recognise who i was sketching, it would be a minor success liao ;)

again... hold your breath, and be ready for some laugh...

who is she? (pls click on pic to view)

sorry for the excessive blue filter, due to my camera... could have rectified this using photoshop, but decided against that since i dun wanna be accused of using photoshop in any way ;p

anyway, i found that when sketching a person, 2 things very hard... 1 is of course the eye... very hard to catch the feel of the eye... if can draw eye very well, i think the portrait is half done... 2 is the mouth... yup and that includes the teeth as well... at first i always ended up with da4 zhui3 ba1 (one who has a big mouth) but after sometime, manage to come out with this... that being said... notice the teeth is empty/ black ugly shades... hehe.. cos seriously i dunno how to incorporate teeth into a sketch... looks too weird when i do...

anyway i changed the position of the right eye (ie. the one on the left) after i completed my first draft... hence the difference in shades and clarity between the 2 eyes... aiyah.... edit here edit there, still looks about like this... so i dun change liao lah...

anyone with any comments or any tips? anyone with any guess as to who the person is?

to all her fans and frens, sorry i did her injustice ;p

1. removed the pics from this site... too gross ;p but links still work though, so you can still view the err nauseous pics ;p
2. following this post, a fren, P.I.G., sent me some sketches of hers. Tio Qie. Totally. (and hence pt 1)

here are the submissions:

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

had 1 of the best meals in japan so far last nite...

it's not an ordinary plastic bag ok... look again at the intricate dual carp design... it must be.. gasp!... from Singapore!!

let's see what's in it...



duck drumstick and shaorou direct from Singapore!!!

just looking at the pictures again makes me hungry and craving for more...

first bite... yummy!

*savoring the first taste*

devouring it!!

diao what diao? never see before ppl eating duck drumstick in japan issit? (actually really never ;p)

now's your turn! siewyok!! (no i didn't highlight my hair... that's what's left of my previous dye)

saving the best (duck skin) for the last...

as you can see, i was in cloud 9 last night, all thanks to Damien, who bought these for me all the way from Singapore!! (took 12 hours in all to reach me ok!!) Thanks a lot Damien!!! Next time chia you bigger one! ;)

well, afterwhich i was sent crashing back down to earth by some bad news... ah well.. dun ask, cos i won't tell :(

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me and my bro-in-law, Eric ;)


how to earn big bucks...

... and look charitable at the same time...

$990 for a golden tap is sure not expensive... considering if 1 person on average donates $50 for charitable causes, the golden tap paid by only 20 unknowing ppl wat... sigh...

shan't comment much, less I get sued... read the article here if you haven't heard about it before...

Just saw that mrbrown compiled a list of website regarding this issue... go here to see the list compiled by him...

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Monday, July 11, 2005

tokyo dome here i come...

remember the chearleading i did for the toshiba baseball team just a couple of weeks ago? well at first i heard that toshiba was defeated at the final match, and so failed to qualify to represent kanagawa for the regional playoffs.

but, heard good news last saturday during practice... apparantly there was this revival match, and toshiba won that one, so it is through to the regional playoffs... to vie for spots to represent the kanto region in the nationals i think.... and the matches will be held in tokyo dome!

i am pretty excited, cos tokyo dome is the place for baseball matches, j-pop concerts, and many more big events. and i get to go there and play sax, albeit its just cheering with the rest of the band... hehe...

waiting for the fixtures... matches should begin from 22nd august, or so i heard... ;)

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old times...

haven sorted photos yet, so for now thought i'd share some old photos i have ;)

me and my clarinet pals in ntusb... the lovely ladies are (from left) sally, panni, cynthia... the guy beside me is shihao, a pal since hwachong band days...

this photo is taken in chijmes... after a invitational concert for charity i think... kind of posh event... only ppl who donated large sums of money got invited for this concert...

here's a photo with my pals from hall 6! clockwise from me: sooyi, yithan, yihui, tianbin, greg, george (aka. airhole) taken during a dnd held in Igors... interesting place...

here's a photo of me with a celebrity... amy cheng.. hehe... in esplanade (backstage) before the concert... (last year i think)

and here's a valuable scan of my jc class photo... (thanks chongbaba)... at a time when the song lemon tree was really popular ;p too bad fiona wasn't in it... hehe.. no prize for finding where i am in the picture ;)

more photos next time ;)

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surprising dating profile...

saw this on my fren, dumbz's blog... with some surprising results... didn't know that the religion criterion was the most important to me (i mean, it is important, but not THE most important) ... must be inaccurate LoL

anyway, just for fun...

Your dating personality profile:

Big-Hearted - You are a kind and caring person. Your warmth is inviting, and your heart is a wellspring of love.
Romantic - You know exactly how to melt your date's heart. Romance comes naturally to you and is an important component of any relationship you have.
Religious - Faith matters to you. It is the foundation that you build your life upon. You trust that God has a plan for you.
Your date match profile:

Religious - You seek someone who is grounded in faith and who possesses religious values. You believe that a religious person can enhance your life.
Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart. Flashy, materialistic people turn you off. You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Romantic - You need someone with a traditional understanding of romance. A true romantic is a must-have in any potential date.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Big-Hearted
2. Romantic
3. Religious
4. Liberal
5. Athletic
6. Shy
7. Funny
8. Traditional
9. Stylish
10. Adventurous
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Religious
2. Practical
3. Romantic
4. Big-Hearted
5. Shy
6. Sensual
7. Wealthy/Ambitious
8. Traditional
9. Funny
10. Athletic

Take the Online Dating Profile Quiz at Dating Diversions

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

let's get straight to the point...


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Friday, July 08, 2005

tanabata festival... (festival of the 7th day?)

I shall write about the party we went on tuesday... the one that i embarrassed myself playing the guitar... hehe...

first off... here's the legend behind the festival... (copied it from my jap textbook... me not so zai yet ;p)













anyone interested in the translation, let me know, and i will be more than happy to do it for ya... if not, ah well... let me do some japanese writing practice can??

date: 7/5 (tues) (got used to japanese way of writing month/day :p)
time: 1830 hours
venue: 武蔵小杉氏民間 (roughly translate to musashi kosugi community centre)
what: 七夕祭り with japanese volunteer class ppl...
price: 200 yen (includes food, drinks and entertainment)

for those who think "wah so cheap!!" dun get carried away... here's the food that we paid 200 yen for...

as described in the above story, we write our wishes onto pieces of paper and hang it on some dunno what plant... anyone knows tell me pls (chan?)...

me in red hanging up JR's wish... me didn't write any (forgot about it.. hehe)... the guy who look like a communist in the foreground is a korean... (dun think he's north korean lah lol)

from the looks of the ppl in my table... you know how much 'fun' i had having 'dinner' then... (yup that's a forced smile ;p)

calvin, me and augustine posing with the plant in yukatas...

after chan's stunning performance, he passed his guitar to me... i tried to hide behind the guitar so as to skip my performance, but they managed to find me... i wonder how?

and here's tsu tsen, me and jianrong performing our number... a rare shot of me ever playing a guitar... yeah... and i was damned nervous...

here's a photo of us with our volunteer teachers... hehe... yeah... and that's the one everyone is so excited about... the so-called bijin teacher ;p

our teacher leading the mexican samba 2 dance....

eng hong has always got the hots for her... but didn't there to ask her to take a pic together... so he ended asking augustine to snap this shot of him with her back... LOL!! (sorry eng hong, couldn't resist putting this up... muahaha)

mass dance!! reminds me of hwa chong days :) everyone having a good time... look! i'm almost totally covered by jianrong ok? so i'm not that fat!! :p

another shot, proving that the previous shot with me being covered almost totally was not a fluke ;p

okok... stomach come out liao ;p 2 fluke-shots afterall ;p

anyway during the dance, my ex-sensei who was like 5 metres away shouted to me... "winston-san! pls dance! this dance is good for diet! can become slim!" (in jap of course)...


sigh... japs really got a problem with fat ppl... my colleagues, my friends, my teachers all.... poked fun at my weight from time to time... sigh...

anyways... 大丈夫だよ。至少我曾经拥有... (^-^)
as a parting shot, we took a group photo together...

spot mr wally ;)


since i am at it, i may as well put up some pictures of fangyi's birthday mini-celebration in his room!!

later that nite...

surprise!!! ehh... what are these magazines/ mangas doing here... wahhh!! bikini gal pics!!! caught ya!!

james holding up discriminating evidence... fangyi can only smile feebly...

err... oops, uploaded photos up till here only... so have to stop here ;)

hehe... that's all folks =)

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